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this week's theme is: BEST FRIENDS

you know how sometimes you see a pair of ponies that just seem to get along wonderfully?

this is a compo for those two.

(also please don't do a song about the mane 6. six is more than 2.)

(also try to remember that lyra and bon bon are not the only friends in the show)
Start: 3/9/2013 6:57pm|Deadline: 3/16/2013 6:00pm|Voting ends: 3/23/2013 5:00pm

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Chapter 10: Colours Ralm (feat. Cherax Destructor) 3/11/2013 7:21:00pm No.3 - Score: 2
A song I wrote that is based off of the fanfic, "Vinyl and Octavia: University Days."

It's a ship-fic that pairs Vinyl and Octavia. I recommend that everyone who even remotely enjoys shipping goes and reads this now, you won't regret it!


Colour; the colour of those eyes I've seen is just unlike any
Other; the other half of me, she guides and helps us to make us
Better; the better days we've owned, the nights we've shared come to me so
Clearly; because the only thing that matters now is...

These days go by far too fast
All I want is one more chance to
Say those words, just three words

Friends! Hi-Deaf 3/15/2013 10:48:45pm No.6 - Score: 2
Oy oy, Eery 'n' RTF here. We made this thing. And we're great friends. Now. Apparently.

It was a joyride throughout.

Lesbians annoying twang 3/16/2013 12:17:16pm No.9 - Score: 2
I don't want to be the next to Sev! D:

Okay, my creation stuff was like this: Think in the hottest couple of mares in Ponyville: (Vinyl and Octavia OFCOURSE). Vinyl knows what she feels, and sees that Octavia feels things about her too. But Octi has learnt in a religious college, and she is shy about showing her feelings to other mare, but Vinyl knows how to make Octavias feelings bloom...

The kicks in the build-up stuff are like Octavia's heart beats and stuff... I try to add feelings to every song I create and stuff, because if I don't feel nothing listening to this, why I should upload entries? Thats the best thing, to express shit here :D I pinkie promess that I didn't take any drugs today...

So, that's it! hope you guys like it, or at least don't die listening to this! Oh, bass and synths are 100% MADE WITH KAIRATUNE this time! Great VSTi so far, I'm going to make a preset bank of it :3

Made in about 3 hours or stuff.

Inseparable Frozen Shadow 3/16/2013 4:22:00pm No.12 - Score: 2
This week, I wrote an instrumental piece. I didn't have any particular ponies in mind, so I guess it could be about any of them. It could even be about you and your best friend!

Anyway, the idea is that even though you and you best friend can do well on your own, you can accomplish greater things by working together.

The Introvert bartekko 3/16/2013 4:39:38pm
No.13 - Score: 2
Most of the time in the spotlight in ponyville take up ponies like pinkie pie or rainbow dash. but whoever really runs the town hides under paperwork or plans or in their room doing art or whatever. This track is dedicated to the Introverts whose friends are mostly their hobbies and those who share the hobbies

best pony pair :D J.Jacques Pony 3/16/2013 6:04:40pm No.16 - Score: 2
super cute ^______^ :D


Luna (Orchestral Remix) CaptainFluffatun 3/11/2013 2:48:33am No.2 - Score: 1
I'll just paste from the YT description I made:

This was sparked by the current Toastbeard theme: make a song about two friends. That got me thinking about Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, so I made an orchestral version of an electronic song. This was also, however, bound to happen because this is the first MLP fan song I ever heard. Big props to EurobeatBrony for both the song and getting me interested in pony music.

Blossoming Start Cloudy Endings Versal 3/12/2013 4:02:42pm
No.4 - Score: 1
My first TB in like forever and usual i misinterpret the theme of the toastbeard... ANYWHO This song is about CloudKicker and BlossomForth from Life and Times of A Winning Pony :P

Desert Trapper mycutiemarkisagun 3/16/2013 5:22:43am
No.7 - Score: 1
What Would Araabmuzik Do?

JaxxerJack - Cubic (Lunanox Remix) Lunanox 3/16/2013 1:45:15pm No.10 - Score: 1
This is my remix of Cubic by JaxxerJack. If you wish to download it, clicking on my username should take you to my Bandcamp. ^_^

Wingmares (WIP) Magnitude Zero 3/16/2013 2:14:14pm No.11 - Score: 1
Based on "Wingmares" by CouchCrusader, a fanfic about Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's fillyhood friendship and how it continued into their adult lives.

Something I've been working on for a couple weeks that happened to fit the theme this week! Nearing completion, but still a WIP.

AJCPBFF MandraSigma 3/16/2013 6:08:48pm No.17 - Score: 1
Apple Jack Crystal Pony Best Friend Forever...

B.r.a.n.d.E.D. zorg 3/16/2013 6:13:01pm No.18 - Score: 1
hurrdurr party and hangover and soundcard missing a power connector -> no microphone no vocals, only the placeholder synth.

Lyrics here:

yep totally friendship only nothing to see here

Lavender Town (Remix) TehFourteenth 3/14/2013 11:44:38am No.5 - Score: 0
Okay, somehow I have to make this fit the theme... So imagine this--

Fluttershy and Big Mac are lost in the woods somewhere after having a wonderful FRIENDLY picnic (CheeriMac OTP).

Anywho, suddenly this music starts playing and *insert grimdark fanfiction here*

I did it, I fit the theme! :D

The Terrible Two Seventh Element 3/16/2013 7:18:22am No.8 - Score: 0
Who are the bestest of best friends? Why, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon of course! I had fun messing around with some sounds in this one :)

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