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It seems like every major character has had a mental breakdown at some point in the show.

This week's theme: Write a song about a minor (side character? bg pony?) character's breakdown.


You have ONE WEEK to create ONE (original, remix, or whatever) song in response to the theme. Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
Get your entry in by Saturday 10/6/2012 9:00pm EST, then head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen!
Start: 9/29/2012 7:29pm|Deadline: 10/6/2012 9:00pm|Voting ends: 10/13/2012 5:00pm

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Octavia's Descent Into Madness Seventh Element 10/5/2012 6:30:47pm No.7 - Score: 9
Every sound in this song comes from a cello.

i'm very bad at naming songs Cherax Destructor 10/6/2012 9:10:19am No.9 - Score: 6
This character's so minor, they're not actually in the show! Yep, this song's non-pony, but it is about a breakdown. You have to listen to it before I tell you whose, though.

This is gonna be the final track on an EP I'll be releasing later this month (fingers crossed). It's mostly done - though I need to rerecord some vocals and piano - but having never written something quite like this before, I'd love to take this opportunity to get some constructive criticism... pretty please? :3 Particularly as it relates to the background vocals towards the end (you'll know what I mean).

P.S. I'm doing an ask-me-anything this week! Click the link in my name if you're feeling curious.
P.P.S. Or, if you're in the mood for some experimental sample-based post-hip-pop IDM footwork (and you probably are), my friend just released an incredible EP that I think more people should know about:

SWAGCOMPO04: A Gangster and a Gentlecolt mycutiemarkisagun 10/6/2012 8:48:39pm
No.18 - Score: 6
1) Previously on SWAGCOMPO....
2) Mr. Real Rap - True Story (Lauryn Hill mix)
3) Scootalewis - 12 Step (original beat i gave him mix)
4) Jay Ave - Ignant Gangsta Shit (Supersaw Hoover invades Equestria mix)
5) Mr. Real Rap - HEY DAWG I HEARD U LIEK FAST RAPPIN (Famitracker mix)


Descent of Snails RarityTheFabulous 10/3/2012 3:12:03pm
No.2 - Score: 5
I don't have much time for TB this week, got a game dev expo this weekend. Won't be able to attend the sync. Sorreh.

Octavia SilverPoyozo 10/6/2012 8:10:56pm No.15 - Score: 5
Just a little solo...I mean, duet...trio?
Well, have Octavia going nuts from her intense studies and playing a little piece with herself, and herself.

A few sections are a little cluttered, but it`s really hard to compose a piece for more than two Cellos, with an old and crappy VST.

Waltz of Good Intentions Stuntddude 10/6/2012 8:18:57pm No.16 - Score: 5
Nurse Redheart goes crazy and start cuttin' ponies open, yep.

Also my mic still sucks, especially at bass which is like this entire song. But it's okay, because seriously what better genre could you possibly use to tell a story of somepony going crazy, than a WALTZ!

Since the last two songs I've done have both been experimental electronic piles of shit, I decided to go back and do something I'm actually good at -- piano music. And I'm not pressed to the last second for time, for once... yay!

Alone In The Rain ScootaLewis and AdamTh3Walker 10/6/2012 9:01:19pm No.21 - Score: 5
Trixie is a broken mare. No money, no home, no stage to perform. As she prepares to close her eyes for the final time, a voice in her head sings her to sleep.

Three hours later we brought you this song, just in time for synclisten.

SweetieBot thinks she's Claptrap Ducks Unlimited 10/6/2012 8:44:07pm No.17 - Score: 4

some alone time A2Z 10/6/2012 9:00:55pm No.20 - Score: 4
Everyone needs a good cry once and awhile, and ponies are no exception. This is some unknown ponies secret time to let it out for a bit and feel better for doing so

Moves Marshmelon 10/6/2012 9:16:45pm No.23 - Score: 4
Let's try uploading this again:

Lyra / Plushie.

Really less about her descent into madness and more about my descent into freeform.

Don't Worry Kingsley Evergreen 10/5/2012 10:19:11am No.6 - Score: 3
Sad stuff is sad but yay for singing!
Secret stuff below!

Breakdownofnonspecificpony Jx2 10/6/2012 5:43:47pm No.12 - Score: 3
I got drunk, made this, and changed my name. I didn't like Rian.J.
I wouldn't expect much if I were you.

Dwindling Sanity KillianDunne 10/4/2012 6:00:14pm No.3 - Score: 2
First ToastBeard entry. Big Mac losing his mind. It's pretty rough and short.

Twixie's Rage (prequel) Versal 10/6/2012 6:18:05am No.8 - Score: 2
alright this is actually a lead up into a song that a friend of mine did that i said i would write a response to... well i wrote the response... and it became the challenge. so i have to say thanks buffalo beucase i probably would NOT have done this TB if it wasn't for you

[WIP] Pirates Died 'n Shit Beetie 10/6/2012 7:25:14pm No.13 - Score: 2
Uh, maybe it can be for Pipsqueak? Like, maybe his parents died in a shipwreck and he's having a breakdown or something...

This started when I made the bass line for Thursday's OHC of "Shipwrecked", then on Friday I wanted to try chiptune again. Basically this has nothing to do with TB, but I didn't want to upload nothing and I could use some feedback.

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