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This week's theme is: corruption.

why would a pony become corrupt?

Is it because they've gained power?
Maybe everything they believed in fell apart?
or maybe it's a necessary evil for survival...


You have ONE WEEK to create ONE (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme. Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
Get your entry in by Saturday 6/30/2012 6:00pm (EARLY FOR AN ODD-NUMBERED ZIQ), then head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen!
Start: 6/23/2012 8:06pm|Deadline: 6/30/2012 6:00pm|Voting ends: 7/7/2012 7:00pm


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Cynicism (Unmixed) Neon Jalapeño 6/30/2012 4:56:03pm No.15 - Score: 5
I'm making a six song EP about the theme, really. It's going to be six songs, each dedicated to one of the Discorded Mane 6. I only have Dishonesty (Applejack) and Cynicism (Pinkie Pie) completed right now, and I'm currently working on Malice (Fluttershy), so I figured I'd go ahead and upload Pinkie's unmixed song. Enjoy!

tl;dr - I'm too lazy to make a song.

Jealousy Seventh Element 6/28/2012 2:36:44am No.6 - Score: 4
Oh hey I wrote my song about the same thing as that guy ^^^^

Except I tried to do something with a classic dubstep sound. It's...different.

In the darkness,
I shall find you.
I shall never,
lead you astray.
I loath you,
I despise you.
and I will never,
be hurt again.

Trixie's Denial Resonantwaves 6/30/2012 6:54:32am No.12 - Score: 4
This song is about Trixie, after she claims to be the great and powerful. she is proven that she is not. when she was unable to defeat the Ursa minor, twilight puts the Ursa Minor to sleep,every pony now knows that she is not so great and powerful, after she left Ponyville, it begins to rain and as it rained trixie cry's knowing she was corrupted and abused the power to gain fame but she needed to do this to survive and knowing that every pony knows shes a fake she crys in the rain. sad,corrupted and lonely..

Trixie's Revenge Flinckie 6/29/2012 6:41:06pm No.8 - Score: 3
It's been a while since I made something that isn't strictly orchestral, hasn't it?

Trixie's thirst for revenge takes her back to Ponyville. The result is not pretty.

Be careful with fireworks, kids.

Story Of A Dash Versal 6/30/2012 5:14:13am No.9 - Score: 3
What happens when fame Meets Dash

What used to be natsukashi !itkDPUBpS6 6/30/2012 6:04:08pm No.18 - Score: 3

The Dark Side of Luna LockeStockeAndBaryl 6/28/2012 1:46:31am No.5 - Score: 2
This track is about Luna turning into Nightmare Moon, probably the most obvious example of corruption in canon MLP.
I experimented with some techniques I haven't really tried before. I hope it turned out well.

404 Pet Not Found (TOTALLY UNFINISHED) Cherax 6/30/2012 8:09:46am No.13 - Score: 2
Someone unplugged Fluttershy without ejecting her properly first.

This would've been done in time if I hadn't spent the majority of the week learning and unlearning everything I know (and don't know?) about mastering, instead of actually making music. On the plus side, I think this track is closer to standard volume than most other tracks I've made! On the minus side, I think it's somewhat brick-walled. On the plus side again, now I know about brick-walling! On the minus side again, I still really don't know what I'm doing. Oh dear.

Here are two mostly-finished sections of the song jammed together. There will be more, soonish.

Corruption and Redemption Kingsleyrulz 6/26/2012 1:01:55am No.4 - Score: 1
what cause a pony to lose faith in one's self,
and will they ever be able to overcome what once were?

Was not much time to do this... :(

also no sync listen for me.

Corruption.mp3 Doofcake 6/29/2012 6:41:23am No.7 - Score: 1
I had tons of theatre work, EP releasing work, visualization work, Pyromania update TF2 time with friends work and choir work this week so have a half-arsed 30 second long track that I tried to make out of corruption but it kinda turned out a mixture of happy and corrupted I guess.

Black and Twisted ScootaLewis 6/30/2012 11:56:42am No.14 - Score: 1
This is just vocals for now. If anyone wants to collab to make this a real song, just ask!

A Message for All Infidel Bronys JihadDash 6/30/2012 5:14:55pm No.16 - Score: 1
اﷲﺍﻛﺑﺮ اﷲﺍﻛﺑﺮ

ZIQ41 WIP (Corruption) AdamTh3Walker 6/30/2012 5:58:37pm No.17 - Score: 1

<---ZIQ41: [0]--->
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