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This week's theme is: CYBERSPACE PONIES!

Whether it's the cast of the show being transported inside computers a la Tron, or a mysterious pony that materialized from across the internet a la Code Lyoko or something.

Crazy adventures await!


You have ONE WEEK to create ONE (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme. Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
Get your entry in by Saturday 6/16/2012 9:00pm, then head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen!
Start: 6/9/2012 7:23pm|Deadline: 6/16/2012 9:00pm|Voting ends: 6/23/2012 5:00pm

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Supercalculateur LyokoFreaks 6/16/2012 6:19:34pm No.17 - Score: 9
Code Lyoko? What kind of moron watches that show?

Circuitfield Adventures AdamTh3Walker 6/16/2012 8:36:14pm No.20 - Score: 6
This song seems to be about a book. What's so technologically whiz-bang about that? Oh well.

Everfree Internet Kingsleyrulz 6/16/2012 5:39:14pm No.15 - Score: 5
The main six get pulled into the internet and have to travel through a virtual Everfree forest to get back.
or, something like that...

Farms MishaDash 6/16/2012 7:32:26pm No.18 - Score: 5
This is the first pony song I've ever created.

Expect more.

Internet Explorer (The Glitchiest Mix) Riff Track 6/16/2012 8:33:13am No.11 - Score: 4
IE is worst browser just no but the pony is adorable okay

From Space Nix_Spark 6/15/2012 10:32:47am No.5 - Score: 3
(>o3o)> "Bwomp" ~

Vocals By Riff_Track~

Transmission Konstrix 6/15/2012 2:47:14pm No.6 - Score: 3
Blah, made this today.

With the image in mind of ponies travelling cyberspace when they come across some sort of

I love Nix_Spark, kiss me Nix.

&secret_url=true"> &secret_url=true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%"> whot tho bloody fock does cyberspace pone mean WormStolf 6/16/2012 9:48:16am No.12 - Score: 3

twilight goes looking for spike and then gets attacked by a sentient computer sci 6/16/2012 8:57:34pm No.23 - Score: 3
once inside the computer, after a bit more searching, twilight discovers that spike is now DATA SPIKE, a totally bodacious beast that is positively evil and such.

of course, there's only one way to defeat this kind of enemy without destroying Spike himself...

Meat Machine Supaspeedstrut 6/16/2012 2:43:36pm No.13 - Score: 2
(soundcloud really screwed with this one, also, be prepared to stay in the same key forever) soundcloud link anyway:
These ponies didn't transport to the, they...
BECAME THE CYBERSPACE. (It was quite an adventure to say the least)
The combination of pone and machine...its so grotesque, so disturbing...yet so intriguing., im taking this too seriously

Whatever Anorax 6/16/2012 8:54:08pm No.22 - Score: 2
Um, Tron-something-or-another. Yeah, that works.

Totally not an excuse to just make house music.

Ponyville 2055 Seventh Element 6/13/2012 10:29:46pm No.3 - Score: 1
Ponyville in the future. Everything is all cyberpunk and stuff! SOoooOoo...80's sounding again? I like doing this too much.

Prison of Craters Flinckie 6/15/2012 7:57:43am No.4 - Score: 1
Perfect opportunity for me to make a video game theme!

CyberSpacePonies Doofcake 6/16/2012 7:43:13am No.10 - Score: 1
Whee, Electro House!
Inspired by Pinkie Pie doing crazy shenanigans in the cyberspace. Heavily influenced by Daft Punk.

And I apologize for not being at the sync-listen, bad time and all...

CYBORG CHANGELING DYSTOPIA mycutiemarkisagun 6/16/2012 9:19:25pm No.26 - Score: 1

Its EXACTLY what it sounds like.

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