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It's summer! (if you're in the northern hemisphere. sorry Australia.)

...which means it's time for everypony to grab their friends, find the nearest body of water, and either relax or throw a party.

or throw a party at anypony trying to relax.

Write a song about the shenanigans that ensue.


You have ONE WEEK to create ONE (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme. Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
Get your entry in by Saturday 6/2/2012 9:00pm, then head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen!
Start: 5/26/2012 7:30pm|Deadline: 6/2/2012 9:00pm|Voting ends: 6/9/2012 5:00pm

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Downpour at Dusk Blind 6/2/2012 3:01:29pm No.18 - Score: 1
When most people hear the word "summer", they typically don't think of storm season. Apparently, I am not most people. This song tells the story of Twilight Sparkle spending a rainy July evening curled up near a window with a good book and a nice hot cup of tea.

This is a bit of a different style for me, so apologies if it sounds a bit... generic. Regardless, making this was both very fun and a massive pain in the ass for that very reason. Also, if anyone can think of a better name for this, that would be much appreciated.

Ice Cold Flutterade Ducks Unlimited 6/2/2012 6:41:53pm No.22 - Score: 1
I can glitch, too!

Ponies Chill Out For Summer Supaspeedstrut 6/2/2012 7:08:34pm No.23 - Score: 1
sorry dis so long

Awoken (VERY WIP remix) Doofcake 6/2/2012 7:45:02pm No.25 - Score: 1
It sounds terribad right now, but hey, it's the best I could do while bleeding for 3 hours straight.... And then for another 2 hours. Wheeeoooo!

Isolated Moon (Act III) Dead Star 5/31/2012 5:06:50pm No.7 - Score: 0
Act III: Remorseful (0:00 - 5:20)
Mixed by F3nning

P.S. I am not PeakFreak

Appaloosan Summers DerpyGrooves+Jnez 5/31/2012 8:29:09pm No.8 - Score: 0
Appaloosan summers are cold and love dies

For no one from ponyville to canterlot will again know you

Plucking ticks to avoid lyme disease, sorting buffalo bones,

making pyramids and the harvest wasn’t at all good this year


Isn’t that a thing, darling,

isn’t that just the thing to bring us together

Futrtbro wattwelve remeex bai Dooby Dufcak 6/2/2012 7:56:23am No.11 - Score: 0
I can't music today. I'm so sorry.

BarnFest Terolie and CanisLogo 6/2/2012 4:14:52pm No.20 - Score: 0
Trying again...

Wanna have a drink? Well come on over to Apple Jack's Barnfest and Have yourself A Big 'Ol CIDERPARTY!

So yeah, after having a lot of trouble with our music choice, getting drunk... thrice... And having our music deleted by a poweroutage we finnaly got our song done! Hopefully you'll like it! If not... T-T

Sidenote: I suck at mixing vocals(Terolie) So sorry bout that and this song did not fit my style at all xD


It’s a warm summers day and my back feels like it’s breaking
We have been working all day and i’m sure i’ve started melting
But that’s all right, there’s not one of us complainin’
Cuz we’re all gonna party tonight!

Now let me tell ya how it goes, though it goes without sayin’
We’re goin to apple acers and that’s where we’re stayin’
Fine apple cider is what we’ll be drinkin’
Yeah we’re all gonna party tonight!

OH! Chug! Yet another empty barrel to toss!
OH! Cheers! Ya Can’t drink like Big Macintosh
Eeenope! Yeah! This here barnfest is so Boss!

Now come along my ponies it’s time we started dancin’
Vinyl scratch is here and she’s started mixing trixin’
It’s always really fun when Pinkies apple fishin’
Yeah! we’re gonna party all through the night!

OH! Chug! Yet another empty barrel to toss!
OH! Woah! Applejack sure is bucking hot!
What in Tarnation? Yeah! This here barnfest is so Boss!

Swing around your hooves and we’ll make this party badass
Even Fluttershy is dancing in this pony mass
I think Rarity forgot about her oh so important class
Yeah! We’re still partying throughout the night!

OH! Chug! Yet another empty barrel to toss!
OH! Snap! Even Applebloom just got Caught!
IT’S NOT FAIR! Yeah! This here barnfest is so Boss!

We’re gonna show the world that brony’s got the moves
The books forgotten Twilight Sparkle clops her Hooves
Rainbow dash has got her some pretty awesome Grooves
Yeah! We’re partying til the dawn of sunlight!

OH! Chug! Yet another empty barrel to toss!
OH! Look! Senile Smith is in on the rock!
Waddaya just call me Sonny? Run!

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