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This week's theme: the Equestrian Space Exploration Program.

After many advances in science, technology, and magic, Equestria has put together a working space program.

Write a song about the heros, good times, tragedies, adventures, or discoveries that ensue. (or all of the above.)

ALTERNATE THEME: make a song in response to any element from season 2 episode 23 (in the place of ERS23)


You have ONE WEEK to create ONE (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme.
Get your entry in by SATURDAY 4/7/2012 6:00pm EST (this is the new normal time for odd-numbered ZIQs), then head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sy
Start: 3/31/2012 9:45pm|Deadline: 4/7/2012 6:00pm|Voting ends: 4/14/2012 8:00pm

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The Adventures of Stargaze Peak Freak 4/4/2012 9:29:14pm
No.2 - Score: 7
Well.... this is my TB submission, it is an orchestral/electrosynth... thingy... dunno.... and is divided in 5 Parts:

Act1: 00:00 - 06:40; Takeoff
Act2: 06:40 - 08:47; The Orbit
Act3: 08:47 - 11:37; Empty Space
Act4: 11:37 - 15:44; A long Journey
Act5: 15:44 - 17:36; Stargaze, the Astropony

En.... joy :3

Future of the Everfree BrownPony 4/7/2012 4:50:19pm No.25 - Score: 7

Approaching Earth Seventh Element 4/6/2012 1:00:32am No.5 - Score: 5
This song is about the ponies in their long intergalactic journey, stumbling upon a strangly familar blue marble known as "Earth"

For The New Lunar Republic (Melted Plastic Remix) F3nning 4/7/2012 6:09:53am No.11 - Score: 5
Eeyup. NotACleverPony made a good song here, so I thought I'd remix it!


(original song):

Undivided Horizons HMage 4/7/2012 4:44:15pm No.24 - Score: 5
Hi there!

Every now and then, everypony lays down on grass at night and looks into the brilliant sky.

A young unicorn filly, who's destined to be first Equestrian astronaut somewhere in far future, is doing this right now and dreaming about getting up there and explore the stars.

What you're hearing is her thought process while she's watching the skies the whole time.

PS: In my honest humble opinion, this current song needs more saxophone.

Reflections Unlimited Mana 4/7/2012 5:35:57am No.10 - Score: 4
Bittersweet reflections on the sacrifices made to accomplish spaceflight.
Hopefully I can actually stick around for the sync-listen.

Starswirl the Bearded Archives Fimbulin 4/7/2012 3:38:12pm No.18 - Score: 4
With all his magical feats, do you think Starswirl the Bearded made it to space? Hold on... let's check the archives.

This is actually a collab between me and Resonant Waves. It has a nice ambience to it.

Another horrible try at making something that's not house Bartekko 4/5/2012 5:12:02pm No.4 - Score: 3
1.) what genre is this
2.) how should I call it

Let the Sun Guide You Home Cherax Destructor 4/7/2012 9:42:19am No.15 - Score: 3
About the song: a musical interpretation of the homecoming of Equestria's first manned - I mean, ponied - expedition into space. Our hero hurtles through the existential horror of the void, submerged in the shadow of the earth; at last, the sun emerges from behind the planet, and the ship begins atmospheric re-entry; and finally, falls to safety into the ocean. (I don't think manned shuttles fall into the ocean... I just really like low-pass filters. ;D)

About the process: old habits die hard, so I left this until the last minute, ie. this was all done over the last 12 hours or so. I consider this WIP because I know I can (and will!) do better with more time and effort; also because my mic broke this morning, and I had to record all those drums through my friggin' laptop mic! How embarrassing. (The opening is an homage to the Flaming Lips' Once Beyond Hopelessness, for those inclined to notice and care about these things.)

Bubbly Feeling Mallard (As Mailmare) 4/7/2012 5:04:36pm No.26 - Score: 3
When you're flying so high in the sky that you touch the stratosphere, it's quite the feeling let me tell you.

This is the final track from the mix I submitted two weeks ago, which I've expanded into its complete form.

I intended to polish this mix and make it more theme friendly, but I didn't have time as I've been busy with a special somepony ;-)

SEX LAB ZIQ30 SEX LAB 4/7/2012 5:52:48pm No.29 - Score: 3




(or a direct link)
Trial by Fyre zorg 4/3/2012 5:05:44pm
No.1 - Score: 2
Join us as our narrator explains how after many advances in science, technology, and magic, Equestria has put together a working space program, and the colourfull marshmallow equines came to visit eart... and as our host tells us what they thought would be a friendly visit turned out to be a horrible onslaught...

Produced by S. Might Nyamalin
Directed by Baichel May
Written by Brad Wright
Narrated by Mr. Freeman
Hosted by Dattenborou-sama
Score by multi-granny award winning project E.Q. Preveniere

(sci: lyrics linkage and possible guest name addendum later, onegai :3)

The Void Bounty 4/5/2012 12:03:36pm No.3 - Score: 2
Only we dared come this far
Only we dared gaze upon Luna's Hidden Beauty.

FOREVER (JackTHerbert Remix) JackTHerbert 4/7/2012 2:03:23am No.9 - Score: 2
When exploring space, there is always a risk of your ship failing and you can end up trapped in space... FOREVER!

Therefore have a remix of General Mumble's "FOREVER".

Adventures In Space! Nix_Spark 4/7/2012 6:26:40am No.12 - Score: 2
Ponies were never meant for space.


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