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Pick a pony, background or mane 6 or whoever.

This pony is now the protagonist of a movie. (Either swapping the main character from an existing movie, or staring in a movie of their own).

Write a theme song / soundtrack for a key scene / whatever for the resulting movie.


PLEASE NOTE that the deadline is 4 HOURS earlier than usual, in an attempt to be more euro-friendly.
Find what this is in your timezone and try to arrive at the sync on time.


You have ONE WEEK to create ONE (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme.
Get your entry in by SATURDAY 3/3/2012 6:00pm EST (FOUR HOURS EARLIER THAN USUAL), then head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen!
Start: 2/25/2012 11:12pm|Deadline: 3/3/2012 6:00pm|Voting ends: 3/10/2012 5:00pm

ALSO: File uploads can by up to 8MB now! use it!

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What a difference a day made Peak Freak 2/27/2012 8:39:29am
No.8 - Score: 8
-no comments... oh, now I commented on it... dang!

- includes cowbell :D

Fruits of Her Labour StormWolf & Glaze 3/2/2012 5:16:41am No.13 - Score: 5
Movie about Cherry Jubilee, and how she started the orchard and stuff.
Song for somewhere in the movie I guess


Verse 1

Sun is shining down on this country land,
time is right the sun is bright the growth at her command

Dig every hole place every seed to grow the orchard strong
water carefully and nothing will go wrong


Cherry Jubilee
Look out onto the field and see
The fruits of your labour sprout in perfect array

Green stems harden into brown
Roots take hold in the ground
To bring smiles to those close and away

Verse 2

From caring hooves, the harvest grows
Red joins the leaves

The rounded fruit begins to show
Filling every tree

Some Other Part idk

Working day out and day in
Any worries are now cut thin
Efforts pay off, with no failure in sight

She's only ended with a win,
Support for her and all her kin,
Every action made was done just right

Flying HatBrony 2/26/2012 5:14:51am No.4 - Score: 4
You know those inspirational movies that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside after watching it? You know, like the Blind Side with Sandra Bullock or Forrest Gump or something? How a bout we put Dashie in a scenario like that and make a movie out of it? Genius, amirite? OF COURSE I'M RIGHT. So here, a song for Rainbow Dash's movie "Flying"

(Check the YouTube link as well, and my Tumblr, and tell you friends or something, iono.)

After Everything Aviators 3/1/2012 11:57:05pm No.12 - Score: 3
This song is the soundtrack to a zombie flick. Now imagine a post-apocalyptic barren world... Covered in zombies. Now, imagine Fluttershy. Imagine how she would fight to stay alive... How she would have to overcome her fears and move on, starting the world over, at the beggining of the end, after everything is gone. This song captures her emotions over the course of the film.


Better [WIP] F3nning 3/2/2012 6:44:27pm No.16 - Score: 3
Only a WIP this time guys :(

My grades be going down the tubes, so, I'm take a week off and just work on school.

cya next week :)

Oh yeah, and this is about My Little Dashie (sorry for rippin lulz :p)

The Amazing FL Studio! Flaedr 3/2/2012 9:35:00pm No.17 - Score: 3
This is the song for the FL Studio pony that exists in my mind. Made with the default drums, and only default FL Stuffs and Presets. ITS AMAZING AND IT TOOK ME OVER HALF AN HOUR TO DO SO DONT STEAL

YAY HMage 3/3/2012 4:21:01pm No.20 - Score: 3
"Ponies Make War" fanfic, make it a movie.

That's the sword fight scene music for Rarity.

First time I've done something in less than a month. Also learning to make dubstep.

Bonus points to those who will recognize the piece I quoted in first 30 seconds.

Derpy Hooves and the Mysterious Muffin Thief - The Final Battle CaptainFluffatun 3/3/2012 5:51:40pm No.26 - Score: 3
Basically, Derpy Hooves loves muffins. One day, her stash of uneaten muffins is stolen, and she must locate them for sweet justice. After numerous trials, she eventually catches up with him, only to find out that the muffin thief is Pinkie Pie. This song begins during the cliché pre-battle speeches, and carries on throughout the battle scene.

(or a direct link)
booksydobooksydobooksydo Interrobang Pie 3/3/2012 6:02:01pm
No.29 - Score: 3
A song about Twilight Sparkle or books or something. It's also my entry for the NSF category Winter Chip 7.

This song is probably way too busy and messy and bleh. I also used the bass samples commonly found in some Sunsoft game's musics.

This song is designed to loop, and thus plays through twice and fades out. Woowowowowow.

(This song's title is pronouced "booksy do cubed", not "booksy do booksy do booksy do" you uphill gardener.

Oh and I completely ignored the crap theme for this week

(or a direct link)
Rarity Parents Swag mycutiemarkisagun 2/26/2012 12:01:09am
No.2 - Score: 2
hey remember when everyone like, just *assumed* Rarity's parents were dead?

and then these fuckers just showed up outta nowhere for some bad cooking jokes and plot advancement and totally blew our fanon to shit while quirky organ music played in the background?

this is the soundtrack for a scene involving Rarity's parents in a bizarre alternate universe where MLP is a cotdamn hip-hop musical starring nicki minaj and rah digga or something quit asking me questions

and its repetitive because its built for three 16 bar verses

Shy Soul Evdog 2/26/2012 7:28:35pm No.7 - Score: 2
“There was nopony in sight. She supposed that Zecora might be visiting again. Aside Fluttershy and her friends, it seemed that everypony still seemed to find her scary. She turned a corner, and saw a figure in the distance. She neared the pony, and recognised it to be the Mayor of Ponyville. Fluttershy sighed with relief. "Um, excuse me, Madam" Fluttershy said nervously, "Would you happen to know where-"
But something was wrong. The Mayor hadn't moved in the entire time she had looked at her. She was entirely grey, and her eyes stared out into the distance. Then she noticed that the Mayor was made of stone. Which could only mean one thing-
This was the statue of the Mayor that had always been there, and she was asking it for directions. The real Mayor was nowhere to be found, as was everyone else. She continued to check the windows of houses, which weren’t all closed and barred shut. If it did have to do with Zecora, then that was strangely unusual. She searched for about two or three hours, but all she could find was a lone pony in the town’s hospital, who was still unconscious, medical equipment still functioning.
And over time, the realization gradually dawned on her: Everypony was gone, except her. She sat on the ground and began to whimper.
She was alone.”

This is the only fully-written part of a fanfiction I began some time ago, but was never able to fully write (the rest is in dot points). Put rather simply, Twilight accidentally casts a spell that causes everyone awake at that moment to live at a single point in time (so for them, time stops. BTW, you’re not meant to know this until part way through the story). Fluttershy was asleep at the time and wakes to find herself in an almost completely uninhabited Equestria.
So I made a film theme song instead, in the hope that someone else might hear this and be motivated to write it. Hey, it worked with “Rainbow Factory”. If anypony’s interested in giving it a go, please let me know that you are interested, and I’ll give you a copy of the notes I have made.

EDIT: Well, it seems that either SoundCloud or Ponychan doesn't like my entry at the moment. If it's still not working by the Sync Listen, follow this link:

Star Trot - The Original Series Theme NewWorldMare 3/1/2012 9:21:35pm No.11 - Score: 2
My thought process went roughly like this: What's my favourite TV show/movie? Star Trek. What's my favourite pony of the mane 6? Rainbow Dash. She is such a Kirk. Oh wait!

So here is a little remix of the TOS theme. You even get to hear my beautiful voice in this one! Not singing thank god.

bending time around yourself can be unpleasent, but beautiful... sci 3/3/2012 5:48:41pm No.25 - Score: 2
I ended up writing a mini-fanfic to go with this song, whoops. Close enough to a movie I guess ??
Somehow or another pinkie pie acquired a time machine. Of course, the first thing she did with this time machine was fly into the future.

Of the ponies she met in the future, one of them offered her some "new, exotic candy".
Free candy from the future? of course pinkie would eat that imediately.

However, in this future, "candy" was a euphemism for "drug". This one was hallucinogenic.

The ponies were surprised to see her pop such a drug in the middle of a street, and urged her to go home before it kicked in.
Home, however, was a trip through time away, and operating a time machine on halucinogenics....well.

Bright Eyes Doofcake 2/27/2012 4:46:03pm No.9 - Score: 1
Here's a nice soundtrack for a movie of Derpy.
It sound sort of sad, but at the same time happy, because even though she's being picked on, she has so many friends that will fight for her.

Octavia's Fight Ancara 3/3/2012 1:30:47am No.18 - Score: 1
I decided to go with Octavia for this thing, and figured that if she got in a fight (as cello/double bass players are wont to do at times), something like this could play.

Hope it's okay enough. :U

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