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Everypony deserves a second chance. (though some more than others)
But a second chance doesn't mean you won't fall flat on your face again.

This week's theme is: second chances.

(you can use this as a chance to revisit a previous theme, if you'd like)

ALTERNATE THEME: make a song in response to any element from season 2 episode 12 (in the place of ERS12)


You have ONE WEEK to create UP TO 2 songs (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme.
Get your entries in by SATURDAY 1/14/2012 10:00pm EST, then head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen!
Start: 1/7/2012 10:34pm|Deadline: 1/14/2012 10:00pm|Voting ends: 1/21/2012 9:00pm

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Second Chances Aviators 1/12/2012 11:05:56pm No.14 - Score: 15
This is a song that takes place after Trixie leaves Ponyville in shame... She has travelled from town to town, but is always rejected and scoffed at by the residents. The whole world sees her as a hoax... She's feeling lonely, and wishes she could go back to Ponyville and start over. She wishes that everyone could forgive and forget. After all, everypony needs second chances.

AndTheRainfall - At The Gala (Dj Pon-3's Best Night Ever Remix) Dj Pon-3 1/12/2012 1:58:30pm No.8 - Score: 13
A brohoof to my fellow Bronies reception to my last Toastbeard so I'm back again.This is a remix of AndTheRainfall's great remix/cover of At The Gala. I took their downtempo track and made a more upbeat progressive house track with an evolving sound to it. This track gives the girl's a "second chance" at a fun night out at the gala (hopefully a better time) and also the track's second chance, as a remix. Thanks to ATR for the fantastic track (and their support) as I loved the original instrumental and it gave me a lot to work with.

Rarity Likes Straws DJ Stablefree 1/14/2012 4:44:05am No.25 - Score: 11
Hey guys,

Here's my the first original song I've ever produced to the best of my ability. Given my huge string of hiatuses and breakdowns that have caused me to drift from the MLR community, I'd like to request a second chance from you guys to make amends and reaffirm my belonging within the community, and I hope this song will be a good way to do that (:


More Than a Chicken General Mumble 1/14/2012 10:29:31pm No.49 - Score: 10
A second chance at writing the song I SHOULD have written for s2e4. Also the first time I've written a love song.


I feel you breating
My hair stands up on the back of my neck
Come on, I'll take a beaking
I can't get enough of the way that you peck

This can't be real
There's no way anyone will believe this way you make me feel
I'm starting to believe that [Pinkie Pie, you're a genius!]

Come into my den
Let me hear you cluck
You can be my hen
And we can f-

A bite to the leg
It's time to play
Baby let me be your egg
That needs to get laid

And afterwards we'll sit under the tree
Watching all the birds and the bees with their honey
Don't you know that I can set you free?
'cause you're more than just a chicken to me

{break solo thing}

Come into my den
Let me hear you cluck
You can be my hen
And we can f-

A bite to the leg
It's time to play
Baby let me be your egg
That needs to get laid

Come into my den
Let me hear you cluck
You can be my hen
And we can f-

A bite to the leg
It's time to play
Baby let me be your egg
That needs to get laid

And afterwards we'll sit under the tree
Watching all the birds and the bees with their honey
Don't you know that I can set you free?
'cause you're more than just a chicken to me

HarmonY Exploding Heart Technique(EHT) 1/13/2012 12:03:41am No.15 - Score: 6
Second TB Entry, Re-Did this like 9 billion times


Trixie's Second Chance Triangle 1/13/2012 3:55:32pm No.20 - Score: 6

Foozogz Befriends ChainAlgorithm but then flips off EQing - Origin of Friendship Foozscrewthisprojectit'sevil 1/14/2012 10:05:27pm No.46 - Score: 6
I don't like this thing >:X it made my computer spike in memory a billion times + pitching voices was torture


Doubled (JackTHerbert Remix) JackTHerbert 1/14/2012 8:08:41pm No.34 - Score: 5
It's a remix of WolfOfSadness' song Doubled. It's the second song of his I've remixed. It's my second attempt remixing this particular song too. It's also my second attempt at making something for ToastBeard. I suppose it could be a second chance for ERS04 too? Is that enough seconds?
Overall I feel this remix isn't really different enough from the original, but I'll roll with it anyway. The good stuff probably is straight from the original.

IM NOT A ONE TRICK PONY ANYMORE OH MY GOSH GUIZ Icky 1/14/2012 8:38:45pm No.35 - Score: 4
Mic and YAC ain't got nothin' on Applejack.

also I sort of switched genres from Hurrrstyle to Durrr and Bees under the alias Icky (blame I-Pie)
expect more drum snare drumsnare shit from me in the future!

The Timbe-Ah, Crap. Aussie 1/11/2012 5:35:50pm No.6 - Score: 3
Sorry. My desktop can't get on the internet for god knows why, and my mom is gonna have to use my laptop for very important reasons, so I guess I'm gonna be gone till next week. I hope I can make it to the Toastbeard, but I doubt I can.

I'll miss u guys omg

Mr.Filthy Pinkie Cake 1/13/2012 8:51:16am No.17 - Score: 3
Timberwolves, timberwolves everypony's talking how awesome they were, but we all failed to see that Mr. Filthy Rich was the best pony in this episode.
He deserves a dubstep.
And he got one!

Rarity Likes Straws (Replacer Remix) replacer 1/14/2012 12:39:46pm No.28 - Score: 3
Made a remix of djsf's track, thereby giving the awesome tune a SECOND CHANCE to be heard. Whatever. Far less effort went into this than the original but I had fun.

oh god it's 6:40am

Second Chance: WAT08 - Educational Music Pinkie Guy 1/14/2012 9:56:22pm No.42 - Score: 3
I didn't have much time this week, but I wanted to retread WAT08: Educational Music.

A second Chanz (At hardstyle) Riff Attract 1/8/2012 7:09:59am No.2 - Score: 2
I derp le herped the kick and added some more derp to the herp and made this. Because I derp hardstyle.

TL;DR I SUCK at hardstyle.

Did You Love My Night? Haymaker 1/14/2012 4:36:14am No.24 - Score: 2
I don't know where this came from, but it sure was fun. And simple. Which is probably why I actually completed it!

Brace for off-key when light shows General Mumble 1/14/2012 7:03:47pm No.31 - Score: 2

(or a direct link)
Luna revisited zorg 1/14/2012 8:41:15pm No.36 - Score: 2
ZIQ19 category; i promised i'd finish my ERS04 entry, and here it is :3

(I will be the lab rat this time, for testing the dropbox mode :3)

(or a direct link)
Annie Smith zorg 1/14/2012 9:27:18pm No.39 - Score: 2
title is best character's name (sorry lyra~ :3)

...but yeah, i felt compelled to do this track.

2/3, and i still have my wat10 entry to make...

(and on that note, if anyone knows of a choir vsti that can be used to... chant words instead/on top of just AAahh or Oooh then tell me please; as much as i want to sing my little pony in latin, if there's a better alternative then i'm all for it)

I Want it Now Mogul Dash 1/14/2012 9:34:02pm No.40 - Score: 2
Got rejected from EQD, deserves a "Second Chance"

And it sounds like Mario!

Wolves of the Woods Neon Jalapeno 1/8/2012 1:34:54am No.1 - Score: 1
Some random song I made because the Timberwolves were pretty cool.

For JackleApp Flaedr 1/8/2012 4:22:15pm No.3 - Score: 1
Second chance at... being in a toastbeard? Idk
Also, I need someone to make the video for this.

File: Anonpony_-_Untitled_Awesomeness_(entry_8)_(ZIQ19).jpg - (triangle.jpg , 301 x242 , 4.06 KB )
Anonpony 1/13/2012 4:14:25pm No.21 - Score: 1
Triangle stop with the self-deprecation again

Timber Wolves Black Electric 1/14/2012 1:54:02am No.22 - Score: 1
I did a song about the Timber Wolves. I thought I was being original, I guess not though.


Badarse ~ Badarser-g + Crigicise Interrobang Pie 1/14/2012 9:51:52am No.26 - Score: 1
>Badarsery was made exactly one year ago (14/1/11)
>Granny Smith says g
>Two and two together

The entirety of this song was done using only two g samples, by me and Granny Smith.

inb5 overk says this song is silent


Nakamura Sadsic 1/14/2012 2:41:59pm No.29 - Score: 1
Was gonna be my song last week but it was too blind deaf and dumb then

Automatic Dream BrownPony 1/14/2012 7:16:57pm No.32 - Score: 1

elevator to boring sci 1/14/2012 9:54:04pm No.41 - Score: 1
uhhhh, whoops. crap tune again
I'll get back to making decent music, eventually.

how are you mr otamatone?? Interrobang Pie 1/14/2012 10:00:42pm No.45 - Score: 1
i'm fine thanks for asking

The Timberwolves' Pursuit GeneralMIDI 1/8/2012 5:44:01pm No.4 - Score: 0
This strayed too far.

Her One Chance Bounty 1/10/2012 1:32:21pm No.5 - Score: 0
Sometimes, you can't ever picture if there is going to be a next time, what if this time is the one and only? When a nervous rainbow dash sees the fabulous Spitfire in a bar after the show, its a rare occassion, ...Its now or never.

Blue dabadeeOutoftime Bounty 1/12/2012 4:05:17pm No.10 - Score: 0
I think aussie beat me to it.
Seriously, FUUUUU

Natsu cooks on poison joke natsukashi 1/14/2012 6:58:04pm No.30 - Score: 0
It's really not a second chance but my first chance! Poison joke was the first sync I attended and I've been wanting to revisit it because it was before I started trying this shiz about making noise. So here we have it.

I love cooking, it is my joy and passion. If I lived in the US I would masturbate to the food network. And poision joke is all about corrupting your talents, so while the music is as I usually make it, the lyrics instead reflect what would become, should I cook on dat joke.

Serisium, MSVOX, FanofAngels 1/14/2012 8:03:52pm No.33 - Score: 0
Collab between myself(Serisium), MSVOX(vocals), and FanofAngels(lyrics). It's from Rarity's point of view as she and Spike are falling.

I see you,
you see me.
Here we are,
just falling down.
I’m aware of your notion.
I see the horror in your eyes,
as you see mine.
Your eyes are the,
Most amazing sight.

You’re always in
The corner of my eye.
Those dragon eyes are like giant gems,
Looking through me.
Hasn’t life,
Been so kind?
Time is just,
Flying by us.

To take you in my arms,
And carry you away.
You give me a meaning,
That I can’t explain.
Just stay the same.
It seems to me,
A peak has been reached.
My heart is
going to break.
Let me be,
And you be,

Just take me away.
So we can say,
that we are together.
Our fall is so great,
There seems no end to this fall.
It all doesn’t matter,
Because I’m,

File: StormWolf_-_Hello_(entry_13)_(ZIQ19).png - (AwesomeCheerilee.png , 1800 x1800 , 471.38 KB )
Hello StormWolf 1/14/2012 9:21:10pm No.38 - Score: 0
Wow I have internet for like, 10 more minutes or something and FUCK IM GOING TO MISS TOASTBEARD BUT I HAVE LYRICS AND ITS LIKE, ZIQ 8 OR SOMETHING
First verse:
Hide away from all the fears,
Built up all thought the years,
Believing in silly tales,
Always bringing you to tears

Slightest shock brings you to cry
But there's no need to be shy
You don't need to believe
What the others tell and lie

Voice of an angel! Wings of a dove!
Every imperfection is what we've grown to love!
You don't need to hide away,
Behind your flowing pink mane
Even though every challenge has always been tough,
A second chance to prove yourself is more than enough~
Verse 2:
Close your eyes against the world
Push a hoof into the unknown
Let go of what sparks fear
And make the first steps alone

You'll be caught if you're to fall
Always the kindest of them all
So deviate from timid image
And follow that internal call

Verse 3:
The darkness can never hurt you
Let go of fear and force yourself through
'Cause behind frail mind
A heart of courage shines true

also, I forgot how to do spoilers fuck

what I was trying to do sci 1/14/2012 9:58:19pm No.43 - Score: 0
this is what I was going to do, but then it wasn't working out.

the more you know, I guess?

File: culdsh_-_Untitled_Awesomeness_(entry_16)_(ZIQ19).png - (131626791403.png , 1019 x1026 , 112.28 KB )
culdsh 1/14/2012 10:00:39pm No.44 - Score: 0
how did this get here
i am not good with computer

Granny Smith Rap Fudge 1/14/2012 10:12:26pm No.47 - Score: 0

(or a direct link)
Flutterbro 1/14/2012 10:29:16pm No.48 - Score: 0
drone stuff
it's good i promise

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