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Ponies and alcohol. What's the worst that could happen?

This week's theme is: drunk ponies.


You have ONE WEEK to create a song (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme.
Get your entries in by 9/3/2011 10:00pm CST, then head to irc for a sync-listen!
Start: 8/28/2011 12:33am|Deadline: 9/3/2011 10:00pm|Voting ends: 9/10/2011 9:00pm

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She's a Pony General Mumble 9/3/2011 1:46:15pm No.32 - Score: 11
It's widely known that all pirates enjoy a nice pint of rum. Pinkie Pie is no exception.

What better place for Pinkie to have a few swigs than the Grand Galloping Gala?

A song in two parts, starting in 60bpm, what is wrong with me?


TWALAGHT SPAHRKULZ BALOOWN ArtAttack 8/30/2011 4:10:04pm No.21 - Score: 10
Why is is alcohol an ponies?
Whoever made this goddamn commercial was drunk off their ass.

Saturday Morning 2: The Gang's All Here! (AKA I really didn't wanna do this toastbeard...) Tarby !GTaRByqUR2 9/2/2011 6:39:09pm No.30 - Score: 8
So. Let me say this several times. I didn't wanna do this toastbeard xD only reason I did was because people told me to. So it's half assed, it's overdriven xD I don't like it that much, you guys might.


Walking Through the door
You’re taken by surprise,
Somepony caught your eye
It happens to us all
Go out and have a ball
They’re there to have fun to
This party’s overdue
You don’t need to supply
Be confidant, not shy
You’re here to let it out, so let the inhibitions fly
It’s celebration time
Get out of fucking line
Take her hoof, buy her a drink, don’t give a fuck what anypony thinks!

The lights are getting bright
Thought it’s the dead of night
The party’s breathing every ounce of the air
The bass is in your chest
So do your very best
No matter how the night goes, make sure that’s she is impressed
You’re rippin up the floor
Cause pinkie’s at the pour
Just keep your head, and I can promise you you’re gonna score
She’s getting close to you
What are you gonna do?
Make a plan and keep your cool, cause you da colt, you fuckin rule!

It's an on the town afair, all of ponyville is there, everypony's drinkin as they stumble and are sinkin into some lucky pony's arms tonight! HEY! Embrace the moment, don't go home without somepony, Live it up and fill your cup; dont be man, BE A FUCKING BRONY!

Dancing on the floor
She brushes by your side
She’s leaning in to hide
Your heart is beating fast
you hope the feeling lasts
She leans in for a kiss, leaving you with one last gasp
The ponies feel the beat
It’s like they’re all in heat
To most, a fantasy, but here you are; it’s fuckin sweet!
You’re heading up the stairs
Thank god you came prepared
So keep it moving for the next part, DON'T JUST STOP AND STARE

It's an on the town afair, all of ponyville is there, everypony's drinkin as they stumble and are sinkin into some lucky pony's arms tonight! HEY! Embrace the moment, don't go home without somepony, Live it up and fill your cup; dont be man, BE A FUCKING BRONY!

Spitfire’s with voodoo, which is getting rainbow jealous
So rainbow gets Chain Algorithm, braggin to his fellas
But while he’s turned his back, Rainbow’s doing art attack
PPS has soarin, Keep on Rockin’s snoggin’ Apple Jack
You got Senator and rarity, who will stick it to the end
While derpy grooves is getting smashed with “all his pony friends”
So DJ alex S comes in to show us how to party,
while Omni’s in the corner sittin’ with his favorite smarty
Aussie caught the eye of the lovely pinkie pie
And according to the patrons, they both disappeared for hours
while everypony’s taking turns felating circuitfry
And berry punch has now threw up in all the upstairs showers
Vinyl Scratch and artemus and zorg and lyra too,
Carrot Top and glaze are getting down without a clue
Me, I’ve got Octavia, the goddess of the string
But tonight, she’ll be MY muse, Cause I’m gonna make her sing!

It's an on the town afair, all of ponyville is there, everypony's drinkin as they stumble and are sinkin into some lucky pony's arms tonight! HEY! Embrace the moment, don't go home without somepony, Live it up and fill your cup; dont be man, BE A FUCKING BRONY!

My little Drunkards: Happiness is cider not zorg 8/30/2011 5:22:42am No.20 - Score: 5
I still can't comprehend why i did this...


What shall we do with the drunken ponies,
What shall we do with our drunken ponies,
What shall we do with all drunken ponies,
Earl-aye in the morning?


What shall we do with a drunken Twiligh,
She wants blue with patches of white,
Something with her is not quite that right,
Earl-aye in the morning.

Move her before she rises,
Clean her before she rises,
Tuck her before she rises,
Earl-aye in the morning.


What shall we do with a drunken Rainbauw,
Strap her clean down into a chair, or
Let her fly till she falters and mopes,
Earl-aye in the morning.

Hey ho, where she's fumbling,
Hey ho, there she's tumbling,
Hey ho, you're not going,
Anywhere in the morning.


What shall we do with a drunken Pinky,
Hope she doesn't make a catastrophe,
It will be a real big doozy,
Earl-aye in the morning.

Oh no, they're still not awake,
Oh no, they're still unconscious,
Oh well at least they still are
Breathing in the morning.


Get Fluttershy to make some hot broth,
Get Rarity to make some clean robes,
Get Apple Jack to sober up now,
Earl-aye in the morning.

That's how we cure the drunken ponies,
That's how we cure our drunken ponies,
That's how we cure all drunken ponies,
Earl-aye in the morning.


What Shall we do with the sober ponies,
What Shall we do with our sober ponies,
What Shall we do with all sober ponies,
Lay-eth in the night.

Let's go drink seven gallons of cider,
Make her drink seven gallons of cider,
We all drink seven gallons of cider,
Lay-eth in the night.

WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HAVE A PIANO AT A BAR Aussie 8/31/2011 5:37:08pm No.24 - Score: 4
why put effort

tarby will always win

behind the scenes of this beautiful song:

Rarity and the Beast feat. Spike Overkillius 9/3/2011 7:49:46pm No.35 - Score: 4
This song features Jackle App for all spoken lines. Special Thanks to Orchestral Design for helping with sound stuff.

One night at Pony Joe's We find Spike sad and drunk. Naturally he sings a song to express his love.

A song from the Broadway show Rarity and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) with Fredrick Horseshoepin playing piano.



(Spoken) Fredrick, play me a sad song in C Major.

And in my twisted face
There's not the slightest trace
Of anything that even hints of kindness
And from my tortured shape
No comfort, no escape
I see, but deep within is utter blindness
As my dream dies
As the time flies
Love a lost illusion
Cold and driven
To this sad conclusion
No pony could move me
No goodness improve me
No power on earth, if I can't love her
No passion could reach me
No lesson could teach me
How I could have love her and made her love me too
If I can't love her, then who?
Long ago I should have seen
All the things I could have been
Careless and unthinking, I moved onward

(Spoken) Rarity!

No pain could be deeper
No life could be cheaper
No point anymore, if I can't love her
No spirit could win me
No hope left within me
Hope I could have loved her and that she'd set me free
But it's not to be
If I can't love her
Let the world be done with me!

Griffin Metropolis Jackle App !2Uqe0sHWIk 9/3/2011 9:20:43pm No.38 - Score: 4
"Ponies and Alcohol"?

Fuck that, Griffins.

So I tried to go for the douchiest, clubbiest, Housiest bullshit song I could muster without killing myself. This was the results, complete with Side-chaining, Autotuning, Gilda, and hating myself.


The week is over and you know it's true
I'm fucking sober and I'm down to screw
'fore we get down we need a drink or two
Let's fuckin' ride let's fuckin' scootaloo

When we're bouncin' down the avenues
Scoutin' clubs with bass and booze
Can't stop to talk with lame ponies like you
Because you don't party like we Griffon's do

Strollin' through the club with a look on my face
that says "Cut the crap, let's just go to my place"
Rockin' and stalkin', talkin' and walkin'
Til a Griffin named G just up and walked in

Hittin' on Gilda, thinkin' I can thrill her
Looks so sharp like a knife that can kill ya
Swaggin' on over and ask I her dance
Prayin' to Celestia she'll gimme a chance

The Gods smiled down and she didn't gut me
took a sip of her drink and she started to strut see
"Dweeb, if you ain't a flip-flop who can't dance"
"I might let you get on top for some romance"

My brain overloaded and then my heart exploded
With a wink and a smile my soul nearly corroded
I wasn't just in, I was in it to win her
Alcohol fueled lovin' that made me a sinner

Griffin Metropolis keepin' me up all night
If you think it's wrong, then you and me are gonna fight
One night out with us is gonna fuckin' change your life
One night out with us is gonna fuckin' change your life

Slow down, top off my glass
Ho-Down, I'm class out the ass
Show-down, the night's almost over
Ghost Town, where'd everyone go?

Griffin Metropolis keepin' me up all night
If you think it's wrong, then you and me are gonna fight
One night out with us is gonna fuckin' change your life
One night out with us is gonna fuckin' change your life


An Evil Brew General Mumble 8/31/2011 11:29:29am No.23 - Score: 3
So I challenged myself to writing a song while I was drunk.

After all, I'm a pony too, right?

Apologies in advance for the second half. It's a bit uh... raucous.


Pinkie Pie parties like a sailor Baschfire 8/28/2011 5:08:32pm No.14 - Score: 2
Totally calling first on this

Jackle hits on Rarity and then Gilda Jackle App !2Uqe0sHWIk 8/28/2011 11:18:28pm No.18 - Score: 2
// drinkin/../g

Scratch has too much German beer and starts a bar fight Bagpipe Brony 8/31/2011 9:04:02am No.22 - Score: 2
see title
this is technically also a piece of music I'm considering using for one of the pony projects I'm in...not sure if it's cool that it's here but w/e.
Oh, and this is hella influence by the song "Pong" from the band "Eisenfunk".

AEIOU Senator Myth 8/31/2011 11:30:33pm No.25 - Score: 2


Griffon, Smirnoff. N3uro 9/3/2011 6:34:04pm No.33 - Score: 2
Sorry people- but with work and classes starting this week, I didn't have time to make a proper submission. So, I made this in literally less than 10 minutes using every error/bad habit that I could think of. (to simulate partial drunkness?)

Examples of these implemented "mistakes" include:
-Sytrus Instruments/ Stock drums
-Transitions? What are those?
- Hmm. Everything sounds a bit quiet....should I check my headphone volume? Naw, I'll just FUCKING BLAST THE DRUM VOLUME CUZ I LIKE CRACKLY NOISES

Idk if I'll even make it to the irc....ah well. There's always next week.

Drunken Adam Sadsic 9/3/2011 6:41:20pm No.34 - Score: 2
He burnt a house down. With ponies.

Let's All Get Completely Smashed Interrobang Pie 9/3/2011 8:51:23pm No.36 - Score: 2
WHO HAS THE EPIC LONG AUDIO DRAMA? TARBY? Fuck Tarby. It's Interrobang Pie's time to steal the long song business.

An audio drama about a party at Pinkie's with a really bad DJ. Also she whacks out the sasparilla, and Rarity, Rainbow Dash and some unknown character have a threesome which inevitably fails to be any good. Enjoy.

TRANSCRIPT (cause you'll fucking need it):

Yo, yo, yo, what up? This is y-your rapping telegram, beyatcha! Y-y-you're invited to a fucking party cause

y-you're really fucking swell, you know what I'm saying? J-j-just arrive, please. Thank you.

Thank you Pinkie Pie, I've always wanted one.

Och, no problem F-Fluttershy. Just be there, or be a fucking loser.

Later that evening...

Hey, bitch, you're fucking late to the party, you know what I'm saying? Och, where am I from? I don't even

know my accent. Och, I can't decide. Oh well. C-come on into the party.

Sorry I'm late Pinkie Pie, I was doing my hair because I'm Rarity, ohohohoho. Sorry. S-sorry I'm late. I'm

sorry. Sorry! SORRY!

You have arrived at last. We have been waiting for your arrival since the blood moon occured. As I'm sure

you know, the Key Orbital Powers have aligned for the first time in 6 centuries, as decipted by the ancient

Habulukon structure located in the region of Bedfordshire. The Key Orbital Powers caused the blood moon, and

now we need your help to travel to the eastern reaches of New York in order to slay the Dark Sky Leviathan

using the Legendary Aura Sabers. The Leviathan, dubbed by the citizens of New York as 'Keo', lives

underground in the Yuccatosis Caverns. It will be a very perilous quest, but we must do it in order to save

the balance of the Mythical Law Masses, and the world.

Oh Applejack, you say the most weird things.

You sure fucking do, I mean, why did I even invite you m-my party? Och well, s-start the partay!


That was the worst threesome I've ever had.

Well, at least I know why they call you the fastest in Equestria. (God, that was so bad.)

Och, you're just in time girls, I'm about to whack out the fucking sasparilla!




Interrobang Pie's Really Great Party Interrobang Pie 9/3/2011 9:47:04pm No.39 - Score: 2
What could go wrong?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Featuring three special guest voice actors AND 6 cameoed songs. Can you guess them all!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Of course you can't.

Stay Out of the Everfree sci 9/3/2011 9:54:21pm No.40 - Score: 2
...especially when drunk. It's already not a fun place, but it's 10 times worse when you can't see straight.

Twilight Gets Drunk Circuitfry 8/28/2011 12:37:23am No.2 - Score: 1
Shut the fuck up, Jackle App~.

Glaze 8/28/2011 6:57:53am No.11 - Score: 1
Written in the key of S

Eurobeat and Circuitfry have a one night stand. Circuitfry 8/28/2011 1:51:51pm No.12 - Score: 1
Hey there, Eurobeat! Why don't you sit back and have a drink with me?

I'm a sexy enchanter and I'll jive you with banter
and say things in your ears that confound you to canter (clop clop clop)
Then what will I do? Make a toy out of you
and saddle you up and ride you to the moon
so watch out~

One night stand and I'll make you understand!
Hold on to your hips, pull you in a dip and kiss your lips!
Ecstacy man! Come and take my hand!
Hold on to your hips, pull you in a dip and kiss your lips!

Everfree Hangover Bagpipe Brony 8/28/2011 5:56:03pm No.16 - Score: 1
Ever wonder what a night of drinking at Zecora's place would do to you the following morning? I mean, she can probably whip up some meeeeeeeeean stuff with all those "shrooms" and "herbs" xD

Pinkie Spiked My Drink SupaSpeedStrut 8/30/2011 2:04:49am No.19 - Score: 1
Pinkie INSISTED that she help me make this next one. However, one chemically tasting drink (I assumed it was dish-soap at the time) and a more-than-fuzzy couple hours later, THIS appears, and Pinkie bailed before I could say thanks. I still haven't listened to it since I regained consciousness, but something tells me I'd rather not. So, you guys are my lab rats...enjoy?

My New Grand Epic That Will Win the Remix War Tarby 9/1/2011 12:39:51am No.26 - Score: 1
Vote for me, Tarby, the world's most amazing and incredible musician!!!

Drunk part 2 Foozogzshy 9/3/2011 10:03:20pm No.45 - Score: 1

Jackle App !2Uqe0sHWIk 8/28/2011 12:35:14am No.1 - Score: 0

Rainbowdash gets shitfaced with Pinkie and falls asleep in a giant rotating KFC cup [voodoopony] 8/28/2011 3:35:45am No.9 - Score: 0

Fluttershy Gets Drunk FoozogzPepperBrony 8/28/2011 4:39:25am No.10 - Score: 0
what the

I... I'm so sorry... Senator Myth 9/1/2011 10:34:35pm No.27 - Score: 0
what have i done

Go Home Artemus 9/2/2011 4:38:14pm No.29 - Score: 0
....and drink your ass off.

No really.

I wanted to make an Elton John-esque piece. All of it is done on the same piano you're all used to, plus vocals. The harmonies are purposefully bad. It's a drinking song.

Also: Holy shit it's a happy song from me.

the day after the night before Rainbowdutch 9/3/2011 4:22:37am No.31 - Score: 0
The second song I have ever made
dont be too hard on it ^^

Pinkie Spiked The Punch X-Trav 9/3/2011 8:56:02pm No.37 - Score: 0

My God, what have I started?

No More Interrobang Pie 9/3/2011 9:56:23pm No.41 - Score: 0
I'm sorry, but it must be done. I am getting tired.

THIS IS A SONG I WAS WORKING ON AND NEVER FINISHED mrpickle 9/3/2011 9:58:27pm No.42 - Score: 0
It's my toastbeard. And it's sexy. because I worked on it for 1 1/2 minutes. Lot of effore for the amount of time I put in.

File: Interrobang Pie - Untitled Awesomeness (entry 14) (ZIQ09).png - (_sulphuricacidmotherfucker.png , 346 x402 , 25.88 KB )
Interrobang Pie 9/3/2011 10:00:07pm No.44 - Score: 0

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