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What you don't know can't hurt you.

Oh wait, yes it can. Or maybe worse?

Secrets, lies, or just something you haven't learned/discovered yet.

This week's theme is: How a pony reacts to the unknown.

(or a lie or secret, etc.)


You have ONE WEEK to create a song (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme.
Get your entries in by 8/27/2011 10:00pm CST, then head to irc for a sync-listen!
Start: 8/20/2011 3:00am|Deadline: 8/27/2011 10:15pm|Voting ends: 9/3/2011 9:00pm

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Something Broke: The Continuing Tale Of Pinkie Pie And Ponycide Tarby !GTaRByqUR2 8/27/2011 9:45:17pm No.31 - Score: 15
Also loosely titled "The reason the entire Toastbeard group comes to my hours to draw and quarter me. Yeah, remember a few posts up about Grooves doing a 20 minute epic? Well...challenge was accepted...

Anyway, Secrets and lies? I use them as a catalyst, resulting in, well...



Also, thanks to both Ethan Proulx and Christian Lynch for supplying some of the "hidden" schizophrenia vocal tracks. Really helped some of the parts get that frantic feel...


I. Let's begin

Here’s a story for your to hear
Of pony pain, and utter fear
Happiness is absent here

(Ethan Proulx)
Are you hungry?

II. Ponyville: All Is Normal

Welcome to our little town!
The stories here are never down.
The happiness floats all around,
And little could go wrong.
Well, not to long ago, it seems,
Something changed within this dream;
Maybe we’re just losing steam,
I mean, It’s been so long...
But here’s a story, a tale you see,
About one which we call “Pinkie”,
And though the details are bleary,
I’ll keep you informed with this song.

Every pony, come look here:
Rainbow Dash is full of fear
For the upcoming event,
Something which she’d circumvent.
Talented young Pegasi,
Off to cloudsdale, in the sky.
Competition riding high;
So much that could go awry.
So her friends devised a plan
To assist her, lend a hand,
Be support within the crowd.
(Fluttershy just wasn’t loud)
“Help me chase away my fears”
“Help me chase away my fears”
“Help me chase away my fears”
“Help me chase away my fears”

III. Cloudsdale: Young Flyers Competition

She signed up, then we hit the town.
To calm her nerves, we walked around.
Visited the school, we saw the sights,
Ain’t trippin balls, that shit was tight!
So we made our way through the city,
Though rainbow dash still felt shitty.
Still we went around for things to see;
Ended up (in a rainbow factory),
Where rarity, that pompous bitch,
Decided, by some mental glitch,
That she would join the comp that night,
Forgetting poor young rainbow’s plight.
Short time later, we all sat,
Waiting for our favorite cat
To fin’lly make her trick debut;
If only we knew what we do…

IV. The Rainboom: Awakening

Rarity fell, and rainbow went after,
Picking up speed, the audience silent.
Rainbow dash sped till she reached the speed barrier;
Out came a ring, of colours so vibrant.
They always said that a rainboom was legend.
Pinkie, however, had seen it before,
Back at her home, when she was a filly.
Memories came back and horrors galore!

Next In Line
You're not fine
It's your Time
Time To Shine

What to do, I’m feeling kinda woozy!
I haven’t felt this since I was a filly.
Oh god, why did you ever do that, daddy.
Now I remember just how it has scarred me!
I’m paranoid about the ones around me!
Who’s gonna be the next to try to hurt me?
So much for happy, yeah, so much for Pinkie!
I feel something in me trying to break free.

V. Party Of One

About a week later, Pinkie, in an attempt to make herself feel better, did what she did best, and threw a party, in this instance celebrating the birthday of her pet alligator. The party was swell, but the entire time she couldn’t help but notice that the ponies she called friends seemed almost tired of her antics. This caused Pinkie to become even more paranoid, as the following day she attempt to throw yet another party, this time in commemoration of the party from the night before. However, despite her best efforts, nopony seemed able, or for that matter willing, to attend. It was at this that Pinkie finally snapped.

Secrets and lies. Secrets and lies.
What are they doing, is it right before my eyes?
Secrets and lies. Secrets and lies.
I’m getting frantic, growing louder are my cries.
I’m getting tired of excuses and evasions
Why don’t they face me, just admit the situation?
What have I done, are they afraid my celebration
Will make them sick or make them dull or make them mad or make them sad or make them angry, make them frantic, make them crazy, make them loopy, make it painful, make it sickly, make it random, make it icky, break my mind and leave me twitchy, nothing left of poor old Pinkie! what has happened to me, tell me, daddy why’d you do that to me! NO!

What have I done? What have I done?
I’m left alone here, just a party of one! (just a party of one, bitches)
What have they done? This isn’t fun!
I should have known, I should have seen that this would come.
It’s all a matter of when they will come to tell me
That they despise me, that they never want to see me.
Well they can screw, It’s time for pinkie pie to be free!
Pinkamena, show your scars! Broken bones and broken hearts.
Give me, tell me one good reason, why I should give them a season, let alone an hour, minute, or a fraction of time in it, let me cling to reality, one last second, savored for me, looking for that one blue pony. RAINBOWDASH WAIT!

VI. The Final Straw


VII. Late Night Accident

Later on, despite learning that her friends had good reason for keeping her in the dark, and overall meant no ill will against her, Pinkie still found herself wandering the streets of Ponyville. Almost everypony had gone to bed, and the moon was high in the sky, illuminating her way through the sleeping town. Pinkie was confused, she was lost, and more importantly, she was alone.

What am I to do?
Is it safe to say I’m through?
Ready for my end
No escape, can’t pretend
That everything is I wanted came true
So once again, I ask what can I do?

What am I to say
Who would listen, anyway?
Who is there for me?
No one takes me seriously!
I give and give, and they all use me
just like daddy did abuse me
13 days It took to find me
Left my home and life behind me

VIII. Hide The Body (Art Of Distress)

What have I done? What have I done?
I lost my focus, now this pony is gone…
What have I done? Party of one…
I’m all alone, this problem I cannot outrun
What do I do? What can I say?
I need a plan or else I’ll never make a day
Where can I go? I just don’t know!
It’s not the kind of thing that normal ponies know
I need to get rid of the evidence…

Step by step, checking every detail
Hook and knife, Bring the body down into the cellar
Struggle as I place her on the table
Frantic as I wonder if I’m able
To go through with all that I have planned
So far all my actions were unmanned
I’m under so much stress…

Bare the neck, make a deep incision
Smell the blood as it pours out upon the surface
Trying not to care for consequences
Knowing that I have no good defenses
Thinking hard of what I’m gonna make her
Though I know I’ll have to clean up later
Silly little pinkie, you’ve grown colder
Time for Pinkamina to take over
Finish up the job that we have started
Feed her to the vein and the coldhearted
Don’t expect to hear that much rejection
Everypony loves our main confection

(Make them cupcakes)
So sweet and tasty
Don’t be too hasty
And if they like them
Then I’ll still make them
I trust nopony
They all are phony
I know my target
I’ll never forget
This is all her fault!

…when I’m through with you, Rainbow Dash is gonna pay!

IX. Practice Makes Perfect (Crime)

The following morning, Pinkie put the cupcakes out for sale, like they were a regular product in the store, and hoped against hope that the customers approved. To her shock (as well as mine, to be honest), they went over extremely well with the ponies who bought them, to the point where they had completely sold out by the end of the lunch hour.

Strangely enough, the normally sickening thought of her peers unknowingly committing cannibalism pleased her. For the first time since Cloudsdale, Pinkie genuinely smiled, and by the end of the day, her once faked happy demeanor was replaced by the jubilant mannerisms that Pinkie was known for. She felt great, better than she had in a while, but…she knew that, if she was going to go through with her plan, she would have to prepare, and preparing meant repeating the process and practicing until she felt she was ready to take on the one who, in her mind, started it all.

The first pony she managed to get was a young filly named Twist. The second, about a week later, was a unicorn named holli dash. The third, a young Pegasus named Cloud Kicker. Several other ponies disappeared, and the residents of ponyville were none-the-wiser, until finally, about a month later, Pinkie felt that she was ready, and invited rainbow dash to help her in her shop...


Pinkie (Left): So you ready to get started, Rainbow Dash? I’ve got everything all ready”
Rainbow Dash (Right): You betcha, Pinkie! So what do ya got planned? We gonna prank somepony? I got a couple of good ones I’ve been thinking about. Or maybe you got some stunts you think I should try? Or maybe…
Pinkie: Making cupcakes!
RD: Baking? Pinkie, you know I’m not good at baking. Remember the last time?
Pinkie: Oh, that’s not a problem at all. I only need your help making them. I’ll be doing most of the work.
RD: (pause) well, alright, I guess that’s ok. What exactly do you need me to do?
Pinkie: That’s the spirit. Here you go!
RD: (pause) Iiiii thought I was helping you bake
Pinkie: You will be. I made this one just for you before you got here.
RD: So, is this like taste testing or something?
Pinkie: Sorta
RD: (pause) Okay, now what?
Pinkie: Now. You take a nap.

XI. Cupcakes

Oh dash, I’m glad you’re here.
This job of mine is oh so dreary.
Don’t scream, not MUCH to fear
I’m glad it’s you, this makes me weary

I’m sure you’ll BRIGTHEN up my day
Before you really start to cry
Oh, just one more thing you should know
You’re gonna die.

Let me rip your deamons
Tear them out your throat
Cut your flesh and body
Till you’ll dead and bloat

You see, I’m really sorry,
Dashy, but there’s nothing I can do
I drew your number, that’s the rules here
Now your time with us is through
Still we have a little while
‘for your blood loss takes your life
We can chat about our past,
My god, my dear, you’ve turned so white!

What, is this fear I’m seeing?
What happened to the dash I knew?
As soon as your life is threatened
You will cower, it’s nothing new
So let’s get down to business
Better late than never I say
Oh, dashie, do you have any sickness?
Wait…once your cooked, it won’t matter anyway!

Oh did that hurt? What happened to the big, strong rainbow dash I knew? And for that matter, why do they call it a hack saw? You don’t hack with it: that’s what I was doing with the knife!

Can you scream just a little bit louder?
It chills my blood in the most satisfying of ways
Let me look into your eyes, let me see your soul
Show what it’s like, When a pony betrays
Rip the flank, and leave it to whiter
Oh dearie me, it seems I’ve been drawing this out a bit too long…
Let’s go, it’s time…


XII. Ponyville: All Seems Normal

In the basement not a sound
Can be heard above the ground,
So the ponies up above
Can go on in "peace and love."
Down below, some tasty treats
Are being made for them to eat;
Granted, at a friend's expense.
What they don't know won't hurt them.
So down in the dimly lit,
Down comes knife, another hit,
Draw it forth, eviscerate;
Soon they'll be on someone's plate.
"Help me chase away my fears"
"Help me chase away my fears"
"Help me chase away my fears"
"Help me chase away m-"

W̪̳͍̤̦ͪͥ͌̔͂̍͑̆͞ḧ̴̯̂ͧ̊̑̐ạ̊̽͌̓̾̈̚͝t̛̻̤̻̫̟̫ͦ͂̍̓̀̚ ̡͈̻̑̽ͮ̐̆ͫ̈́̒̃́͘ǫ̝̭̦͉́ͯ̃ͮ̌͑̊̾n͖͖̳̫̩̱͂ͥ̂̎͊͢͞eͥ͂͒͂ͫ͏̴̢̤̫ ̛̏̂ͭ̿̅ͣ͢͏̗͇̥̟͎̖ͅͅd̗̼̣̯͙̺͕̥̓ͥ̐̈́̇̎̚ơ̦̘̼̇͒ͬ̀̇ȇ̛͔͙͚͍̇̃̈̅͗ͮ̀̚s̷̜̳̹͖̹͎̝͓͆ͨͤ́̀ ̺̹̬̱͍̓̑̂̆͛̀ͅͅnͫͧ̄̓̊̀͌̓͠͏͏͖̺͖̣ǫ͔͔̩͚̈́̔̍̏͊ͭͭt̰̙̫̳̬͚̰̠̽̒́͞ ͔͔̝̱ͤ̇̆ͭͮͯ̏k̢̪̳̠̘̰̓͑́ͨ͜n̷̼͉̥̝͓̙ͪ̓ͥ̓̃̅̊̚̕ǫ̥͈̖͖̼̫̬̙͕̃͋ͭ̒́w̴̡̖̤͖͔̫͈͑̏͒͌͊,̸̶̬̱̖̉̈́ͤ͌̂ͭͣ̚͘ ̶ͩͮ̄͒ͫ͜҉͕̬c̰̼̬̣̩̃͌̔̀̆̾̂͠ạ̢̬̺͖͛͒nͯ̂́͛͛͒̔͟҉̘̮͍̹̞͎n͒͊ͦ͊̄ͬ͏̶̘̤̦͎͚͙̮̫́ö̉́ͤͧ̑҉̥͚t̵̙̦ͦ̌̂ͮͥ͊̎̕ ̸̳͓͓̖̆̏̾͑h͓̣̼͇̻͍̳̝̓͌͗uͫͯ͂́̚͏̟̭̘̫͈r̷͙̪̳̭̯̽ͯͫ̓̾̏͆͂̚͘t̛͍̹̩̥͓ͦͥ̃̎̅ ̏͆̊̆̽̚͏̣͓̬̻͚͍t̗̮̺̦̩̾ͥ͊̈̅̂͐̚h̶̙ͧ͑̕ȩ͍͚ͨ̍ͨͩ̀͝m͓͓̪͙̻͚̜͐̌̇̊͗̒ͥ͡.̸̘̻̰̱̯̥̤͖̳̿ͯ͝ Jackle App !2Uqe0sHWIk 8/27/2011 8:31:51pm No.25 - Score: 10
I took the theme to a literal level
(ie: I translated the the first line of the Theme Description into Latin and drone-sang it *SHRUGGU* )

As a result, there is literally no pony in here...
So instead, I'm gonna draw a related picture for this song!



Quis non scit, non eis nocebit (x10000)


Progress N3uro 8/27/2011 9:34:32pm No.30 - Score: 6
1st Half: Desolation
2nd Half: Acceptance

So here it is! My first ever entry! I'm a complete noob at music in general, and this was made in less than an hour, so don't expect much -.- (warning: mixed genres, horrible transitions, and other related errors ahead!)

FOREVER General Mumble 8/24/2011 8:39:51pm No.9 - Score: 5
As well as making a song about keeping secrets, I also experimented with techniques I don't normally use.

Basically, I've never made something at 105bpm before. I've never made something with wubs before. I've never tried orchestral (besides remixing it once).

All in all, this was ferociously fun.

Hat tipped to sci for a great theme this week.





Pinkie Pie, You Are So Paranoid. Overkillius 8/27/2011 9:39:15am No.13 - Score: 5
so... I was SUPPOSED to write out a song on paper (because then I wouldn't have heard it... so It would have been secretception) about pinkie pie entertaining the thought that her friends are all keeping secrets from her. That wasn't happening fast enough to make this deadline, so I made something in 10 hours with a program I've never used about the same thing.

Darkness Artemus 8/22/2011 12:28:44pm No.5 - Score: 4
Sorry about last week gais.

This is part 3 of the last song (which will be re-uploaded). It's only 6 minutes, and includes vocals. I tried to bring back the 'interesting/epic' parts and introduce more chords.


I thought I had friends, friends that I could always

I thought they cared, about what I felt or...or even thought.

I figured they liked me, else they would just say something, right?

I guess....I guess I was just wrong.

I was too trusting of them, too ready to accept.

I should have known from the beginning that they’d take advantage of me

I was foolish, a fool to think that they were worthy of me

I....I even know what they say about me.

I hear them

(fuckton of voices on echo)

(aahs moving in minor triads)

Clopping to the Ponies Interrobang Pie 8/27/2011 8:07:55pm No.21 - Score: 4
(although I wrote all the lyrics)

When I was a little brony and the sun was going down,
I went on Ponibooru and this is what I found:
A picture of Rainbow, with candy vag galore,
But DerpyGrooves came into the chat and said "look there's even more", we got
Pinkie naked on the bed, eating a slice of pie,
Rainbow x Scootaloo and Twilight feeding Fluttershy.
Clop, clop, clop! (Nice echo effect by the way)
Clopping to the Ponies (the ponies)
Fapping with the Bronies (the bronies)
Wanking with my Cronies (my cronies)
Put it up on the Sonys (the Sonys)
Eating more Baloney (baloney)
My name isn't Tony (it's Geoffrey)
And tell that great Rarity to get with Spike and just get it on (16)
and if he thinks she can get away then she's got another thing coming (17)
and the very idea of such a ship just makes you wanna (15)
[insert musical cumshot here]

File: Circuitfry - I-Pie\'s Toastbeard Wrap Up (Circuitfried) (entry 5) (ZIQ08).png - (cutiemark.png , 50 x50 , 869 B )
I-Pie's Toastbeard Wrap Up (Circuitfried) Circuitfry 8/27/2011 1:47:26pm No.14 - Score: 3

no escape zorg 8/27/2011 8:54:10pm No.26 - Score: 3
guess i did one after all, sorry tarby :c

(pinkamena does NOT like secrets)

Progress DerpyGrooves 8/27/2011 9:06:35pm No.27 - Score: 3
Genre-swap w. tarby. Might not be the 20 minute epic I promised, but I hope you all can enjoy this 9 minute retelling of "Progress"!

Part one (A lie for you):

…Smells like burning popcorn in here
And I don’t know what to say to her
You’ve had a long time to think about things
But remember it could be so much worse

And you raise the moon every night
And you make my heart stop beating with your eyes
You bring the rain down from the skies
You make my breath catch with your lies
And here’s a lie for you- “You’re not beautiful”
Another lie for you- “I don’t love you”

You stay up all night reading
History philosophy and poetry
I know you’re a true romantic
But you won’t let anybody see

And you raise the moon every night
And every kiss from your lips gets me high
Your hips sway and I see the light
You make my back arch with your lies
And here’s a lie for you- “You’re not beautiful”
Another lie for you- “I don’t love you”

Part 2 (All the Pretty Little Ponies):

Miss Selene Abigail Smith,

The bus will be crowded but you must try your best to hide your wings and blend in. If you care to look out the window, you will surely see Canterlot fading into the distance, replaced quickly by meadows filled with butterflies, and things will progress as said for a good amount of time before you see anything else of interest.

I have had the cooks prepare a selection of snacks and treats for you to enjoy on your trip, and additionally I have asked for the head librarian’s personal selection regarding the best literature of the past thousand years. I trust you will enjoy them, and please partake freely.

The first sign that you have reached your destination is the smell of hay and chicken shit and the sight of apple trees extending into the distance as far as your vision will allow. Please know that these ponyvillians are quite kind and generous, well predisposed to honesty, loyalty and laughter. I only hope your visit will be as it was with my student, Twilight Sparkle, and you truly discover the magic of friendship.

Please know I will miss you, and as always, I love you dearly.

Your beloved sister.

Part 3 (The Ballad of Nightmare Moon):

Well you know, 1000 years ago,
The was a princess named Luna who did some stuff
Turned into nightmare moon, said “the night will last forever”
Cuz Celestia knows 12 hours a day isn’t enough
So she sent that silly little filly to the moon,
Luna spent a millennium on that rock
Then when the stars aided her escape, on the eve of the summer solstice
She kidnapped sis and bought a new pair of socks

Now she’s living with me in my home
She might now be family but we treat her like our own
Life can be hard when you’re living with a goddess
Nothing is perfect but we’re making progress


Now she’s living with me in my home
She might now be family but we treat her like our own
We’ll do anything so she doesn’t feel so alone

Life can be hard when you’re living with a goddess
Nothing is perfect but we’re making progress

I HAVE A SECRET Circuitfry 8/20/2011 11:35:08pm No.1 - Score: 2

Don't Ever Lie to Pinkie Pie Aussie 8/23/2011 9:26:38pm No.8 - Score: 2
aka "oh god my ears" aka "what the fuck is this" aka "Cupcakes soundtrack".

Yeah, it's pretty loud, lots of distortion and stuff, brace your ears.

Thanks to sci changing the theme up a bit, it gave me the perfect opportunity to make something noisy and awful, which I've wanted to do forever!

Hope you enjoy. Also, KeepOnRocking, I had no idea how to make a hardcore bass, so I didn't add one. SORRY :(

LatinStep ft. BaschFire, Overkillius, DerpyGrooves, Mac Attack, KeepOnRockin' , Foozogz + Willy Wonka mrpickle 8/27/2011 7:38:00pm No.19 - Score: 2
Featuring a shitton of people. And 1 special guest.
Latin dubstep is unknown right?
P.S: I don't do dubstep.

The Ringing Lies sci 8/27/2011 8:07:31pm No.20 - Score: 2
they say that your ears ring when you hear a lie. this was a big one.

yes I went the really-obvious route this time. WHATEVER ;p

Cotoponi General Mumble 8/27/2011 10:04:33pm No.35 - Score: 2
A pony cover of The Mars Volta's "Cotopaxi"

Not sure why the hell I came up with this idea.

Eagle Cabna sadsic 8/20/2011 11:37:38pm No.2 - Score: 1

File: Senator Myth - No. (entry 2) (ZIQ08).jpg - (1303313469310.jpg , 1007 x1281 , 280.55 KB )
No. Senator Myth 8/20/2011 11:41:47pm No.4 - Score: 1

QuestionmarkQuestionmarkQuestionmarkProfit 8/23/2011 5:26:12pm No.7 - Score: 1

I Don't Even Know... SupaSpeedStrut 8/26/2011 11:45:48pm No.11 - Score: 1
I made my first dubstep(for lack of a better word) song...kinda rushed it, did a terrible job of EQing, but it was very fun to make nonetheless.
I also think it has a kind of mysterious tone to it, imo.

Also, the intro is kinda misleading!
I was going to call it "Twilight's Dubstep Discoveries"...but no, just no

God Sadsic 8/27/2011 6:34:08am No.12 - Score: 1
What is it?

Pinkie discovers Grooves is a meanie KeepOnRockin' 8/27/2011 2:56:52pm No.15 - Score: 1
Delicious Grooves cupcakes were had.

MORE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! Interrobang Pie 8/27/2011 9:54:18pm No.32 - Score: 1
i know you can't resist my amazing voice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

also if tarby can stretch the page downwards THEN I WILL STRETCH IT SIDEWAYS

Demented Cupcakes(WIP) FoozogzPepperBrony 8/27/2011 10:04:21pm No.34 - Score: 1
lol I didn't even get to put applebloom in lolrofl and it's far from finished

Firsties Baschfire 8/20/2011 11:37:52pm No.3 - Score: 0
'Cuz i can

Don't Judge Me Sadsic 8/26/2011 8:45:52am No.10 - Score: 0
The fears of the unknown are relieved by melodicism

Rainbowdutch Ponies discover music 8/27/2011 4:26:55pm No.17 - Score: 0
I am still learning on how to be a composer and I am still trying to learn most of the stuff that there is to know of flstudio. I know this is not good enough to be posted as serious music like you guys do, but since this "contest" is mostly troll entries I thought I would just make something and just try it.

here is a link if the embed thing fucks up again:

What's Going on In Ponyville? (ft. Ghost?!?!?!?!) Interrobang Pie 8/27/2011 8:08:38pm No.22 - Score: 0

more lyrical bullshit:
That's what I'm talking about,
Just get out of your house,
Fluttershy pushing a mouse
In a wheelchair, in a wheelchair (oh yeah)
Partying every day,
Hydra attack? A-Okay!
We got Parasprite invasions and a big collaboration
In Ponyville, all in Ponyville (oh yeah)

REAL INSTRUMENTS??!?!?! Interrobang Pie 8/27/2011 8:09:30pm No.23 - Score: 0
i thought they were just a myth

now to control your mind Interrobang Pie 8/27/2011 8:10:28pm No.24 - Score: 0
your precious mind is mine

now to fill it with interrobang pie x mlr rule 34

o no derpy anosa 8/27/2011 9:28:15pm No.28 - Score: 0
oh no!
not Derpy!
Why would you do that? :(
poor pony :(

Secrets and Lies - Pinkie Pie does not like being Lied to Derpy Hooves 8/27/2011 9:31:51pm No.29 - Score: 0
I went both out of more out of my comfort zone and more into it at the same time with this one.

For one I've never tried trance before, though on the other metal/rock was pretty much all I wrote (though never produced really) before I started getting into electronic music.

Nevertheless I'm sure I've mutilated the genre quite enough to make the trance enthusiasts cringe with this piece.

(I also jumped on the colored player bandwagon)

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