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The sounds of "Winter Wrap Up" is pretty well established.
But that's just for winter.
What do the other seasons sound like when they're wrapped up?

This week's theme is: Season* Wrap Up!

*where "season" isn't Winter.


You have ONE WEEK to create a song (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme.
Get your entries in by 8/13/2011 10:00pm CST, then head to irc for a sync-listen!
Start: 8/14/2011 12:12am|Deadline: 8/20/2011 10:00pm|Voting ends: 8/27/2011 9:00pm

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Firsties!Artemus 8/15/2011 11:53:20pm No.2 - Score: 1
Literally made just for the hell of being first like always

Autumn Wrap Up: A DocumentaryDr_Dissonance 8/17/2011 12:22:21pm No.3 - Score: 0
Man, I hate this...seriously, just skip it!
But I might as well explain what the crap is going on...
On a drunken get together with friends (I was relatively alright), a couple of the brony ones and I had a discussion of 3 things:
1) Spike's obsession with Rarity
2) Who can do the best "Dahling" (we all sucked)
3) What the background ponies actually sound like

This is the idea behind this...I APOLOGISE for its crapness!
I also apologise for the popping in the voices (all are mine, some are raised in pitch because I'm too manly for that range!)...I couldn't find the wind guard for my fancy pants microphone anywhere at the time of recording, so just went with it...found it in the end, but don't plan to rerecord this rubbish...
Again, I apologise, I can't voice act to save my life!
Except for Bon-Bon...

Summer Wrap UpCircuitfry 8/18/2011 1:48:55pm No.4 - Score: 3
I finally got my guitar! Garageband has poor rendering skillz, totally messed up my great solo by speeding it up in parts and slowing it down in others.

Thanks Derpy Hooves for giving me mastering advice!
Thanks Amanda for suggesting the better intro! Creative!

I will touch this again to put even more fabulous effort into it.


Summer on this lazy cloud
is ending with an awesome crowd
Days to play are here to stay
We've sung our songs here by the bay.
Vacation's nice, there's no doubt,
but here it ends as fall's about.
Perfect sunset over the sea
I'll miss your shine when we leave!

Summer Wrap Up!
Work together and have our cheer!
We Love You
Summer Wrap Up!
Get together and have root beer!
We Love You

SerotinyArtemus 8/18/2011 6:38:57pm No.5 - Score: 2
Because that first submission sucked.

This piece has been thrown around in my head for ages, and took a lot of effort to actually tell myself that a ~13 minute piece featuring just a piano was going to be made.

The piece follows a really loosely thrown about story that I wanted to turn into kind of an Opera. The story sort of follows three ponies fleeing from some kind of evil magic until they come into Ponyville. Once there, they are received by Lyra and Bon-Bon.

The song, for the most part, is in minor with a lot of diminished chords thrown in, as to show the emotion felt during the story. The sections in Major would be the group talking amongst each other. In the latter half, Major chords are thrown in more often, as though to indicate Lyra and Bon-Bon's kindness towards the trio.


Ballad Of Autumn DreamsTarby!GTaRByqUR2 8/18/2011 11:59:45pm No.6 - Score: 7
A story of spending autumn wrapping up the summer. I've always found that fall is the most beautiful season, as well as the most depressing. It's another appledash song (I need to stop making those), from the point of RD, and it's depressing, because it wraps up more than just a season.


As the summer ends, the leaves will change from green to red
and life begins to shy away, leaving decay in its stead
Will you stay by me, admire all that’s there to see?
And when the season’s turned, will you still be there for me?

Running through the leaves, before the hold of night
Watch the firey autumn skyline burning bright
Singing “ah, ah, take me away”
“ah, ah, fly me away, ‘til it’s all okay”

Gaze into my eyes, and hold my spirit in your grasp
Give me all the strength I need, and love I know will last
Help me with my pain, I’ll do the same for you if you please
We’ll float on together, through life’s never ending seas

As we harvest all the fruits of all our seeds
Hear the flowing wind, as it whistles through the trees
Singing “ah, ah” take me away
“ah, ah fly me away, ‘til it’s all okay”

As the nights get cold, I still hold you close to me
Silent in the shadows of what we know we could be

Summer’s now behind us, dead is all that grew,
What now lays ahead? I wish that I still knew,
Nothing’s certain, in the fire of the fall
Now you’re gone, I cry to find point in it all,
Singing, Ahh, ahh, take me away
Ahh, ahh, fly me away, ‘till it’s all okay

Mating Season Wrap-upzorg & KeepOnRocking 8/19/2011 5:41:29am No.7 - Score: 2
A collab between me and KOR featuring samples from Jackle App, DerpyGrooves and Interrobang Pie.

no hard feelings guys~

November (feat. Tarby)Vafrous Coyote 8/19/2011 7:09:36pm No.9 - Score: 6
This is what happens when I get lots of new toys. I play with them. xD

Thanks SO much to Tarby for his amazing guitar solo! Couldn't've done it without you!


The trees, ablaze with reds and oranges
whisper to the wind
They rustle secrets
to each other

The clouds respond with vacant tears
as they leave the trees behind
But their responses grow
ever colder.

The days grow glum
It's time to wrap up, everypony.
The days grow numb
With warm smiles in every window

Though we all lay all snug at home
with our backs turned to the breeze,
We hear the words they speak
through our windows

The day has come to lend a hoof
to help us say goodbye
The days wave thanks as they
grow ever colder.

The days grow glum
It's time to wrap up, everypony.
The days grow numb
With warm smiles in every window.


As we run on through the leaves
We leave our tears behind
The trees try to follow
if they're able

Our task complete, we head back home
Snuggle up, warm in our graves
And we look forward to next

The days grow glum
It's time to wrap up everypony!
The days grow numb
With warm smiles in every window!

Autumn GoodbyeJackle App!2Uqe0sHWIk 8/20/2011 4:08:13am No.10 - Score: 5
I lied.

Sorry for the clipping.

It's 4 in the morning and I don't give a shit!

Lyrics bullshitted at around 3:45 in the morning and recorded thenafter.

And it's the night before I'm supposed to move into my dorm.


Here have some lyrics:

My autumn leaves, taken by thieves
I'd love the orange brown and red to stay for me
but you know it won't when winter's coat
of white erases everything you thought was here to stay

The ponies play in winter's daytime frolick tundra
but I know best, that daylight's sun is what we'll plunder
You may not see, but it's plain to me that we're all on borrowed time
celestia's gift of our winter's rift is not to be unfounded

It's gone again
It's gone again
our fall-weather friend

It's gone again
it's gone again
Too soon for you to end

My FriendsSadsic 8/20/2011 7:47:03am No.11 - Score: 1
Think of it as every season at once wrapping up simaltaineously

Spike's Fall Wrap UpOverkillius 8/20/2011 1:58:01pm No.15 - Score: 5
This is what I like to call Piano Horsefeathers.Screw the expectations, I have experimentation to do!

What is wrapping up fall? Fall Wrap Up is where the earth ponies in Ponyville clear the ground of leaves for winter while the pegasus ponies position the clouds for snow. More importantly it is about Spike and the dreams he has in-between being awake to laugh at Twilight.

Southern Birds/Season 1 Wrap UpGeneral Mumble 8/20/2011 10:29:38am No.12 - Score: 3
I started making a song about wrapping up the summer, but I wanted to get more experimental, so I started writing a song about where the southern birds actually flew for the winter, to some sunny land of summer fun.
Then I came up with the idea of writing something based on the first SEASON of FiM ending, coming to a wrap up. I didn't want to make two songs so this is sort of in two parts that intertwine with each other. With some weird gated stuff in the middle, because I wanted to.
The riff from "Season 1 Wrap Up" is based on the music playing when Fluttershy is modelling, but with slight changes, and in a different key.
I also added backup vocals to this for the first time ever, but there are also synth backup vocals, so you can't tell if it's just me, just the synth, or both together, because I messed with my voice so much.
This is my first pony piece to not include any samples from the show, and will probably be the final track on the pony "album" that I will eventually put out.


Old Year Wrap UpTriangle Brony 8/20/2011 1:58:10pm No.16 - Score: 3
Tradition of wraping up Old Year and inviting New Year exists 522 years since Celestia...

Pony HolidayFoozogzPepperBrony 8/20/2011 3:51:00pm No.18 - Score: 3

Spring into SummerSenator Myth 8/20/2011 5:33:54pm No.19 - Score: 4
Seasons will pass you by.

The Trip BackDerpyGrooves 8/20/2011 6:47:12pm No.20 - Score: 3
My first trance (?) track

So long Summer, it was fun,
But the lonely trip back is always shorter

The Season Will EndCircuitfry 8/20/2011 7:13:53pm No.21 - Score: 0

When Fluttershy Dreamssci 8/20/2011 9:51:57pm No.22 - Score: 3
..she dreams of autumn. or something.
iduno, I just tried to make music and this is what happened.

rushed version! whee!

Outhouse PartyMichael Arellano 8/20/2011 9:58:20pm No.24 - Score: 0
I poured my heart and soul into this. Made in 13 minutes. It's about the wrap up of summer.

tbwuInterrobang Pie 8/20/2011 9:58:43pm No.25 - Score: 4
just fuck

lyrics since you all know the melody:
3 months of brony musics,
And putting up with Sci!
He makes the crappiest of themes,
I hope he falls and dies,
Nah I'm kidding bro, you're fucking cool,
and KeepOnRockin' too.
Don't take that too far, my heart's set with
Mr Derpy Grooves.

The time has come to welcome Pie,
And all his chiptuned crap.
But it's also time to engineer,
Need to fix Jackle App
How can I live? I'm dead you see,
What does everybrony do?
How do I fit in with my chiptunes?
I've eaten Scootaloo!

Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
3am? I'm going to die!
Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!

Bringing in the dubstep shit,
WoodenToaster's job begins,
And clearing all the Glazey skies
To let PinkieCake in.
Don't even trip,
Got orchestral stuff too.
Mainly done by Dissonance
But not Derpy Hooves!

Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
3am? I'm going to die!
Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!

Triangle just masturbates,
Under the snow and ice.
Cause he lives in Russia, now you know
That I love stereotypes.
The New Guys just come in en masse,
They just multiply.
Come and team up with me and
We'll make them all die!

Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
3am? I'm going to die!
Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!
Not as cool as Circuitfry!

So easy task to troll them all,
Get into their minds.
They will all cry.
Homoerotic fanfics,
DJ Keo too!
I must troll so very hard,
Expecting that, weren't you!

Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
3am? I'm going to die!
Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!

Now that you know what we all do,
You have to find your place!
Derpy Grooves will give you weed,
Or jizz in your face.
How will you do in this Toastbeard,
Compose the unicorn way?
I want to win so I must
Rig the votes today,
Rig the votes today!

Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
3am? I'm going to die!
Toastbeard Wrap Up! Toastbeard Wrap Up!
Goddamn Yankies, goddamn Sci!
Not as cool as Circuitfry!
Vote Interrobang Pie!

Season's overFoozogzPepperBrony 8/20/2011 10:00:43pm No.26 - Score: 0
Sweet dreams
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