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Long, long ago, mysterious forces created the Land of Equestria that we know and love.

But...what were these forces? Did Princess Celestia really create the land, or was did something take place that was much...darker?

Or was Equestria founded in the most epic rave ever?

You decide!

This week's theme is: How Equestria was created.


You have ONE WEEK to create a song (original, remix, or whatever) in response to the theme.
Get your entries in by 7/23/2011 11:00pm CST, then head to irc for a sync-listen!
Start: 7/17/2011 12:13am|Deadline: 7/23/2011 11:00pm|Voting ends: 7/30/2011 10:00pm

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Only Time Will Tell Tarby !GTaRByqUR2 7/19/2011 2:57:02pm No.4 - Score: 8
My soundcloud farted, so i had to resubmit.

Horribly mixed, used Cubase 5 and a USB Logitech Rockback Microphone. But it has lyrics! Lots of em! In fact, this might be up there as one of the most epic things i've ever written (not meaning great, but epic as in grand, over the top, symphonic and long).

And so it was…
the birds would sing
The cars drove by the parks on their paved roads
The wind blew carelessly threw the trees
and nobody felt like anything was truly wrong
Ocassionally, somebody would suffer a loss,
Something would go awry
Still we were all ignorant
We were blind to what was coming

Nobody predicted the wars
The famine
The disease
The economic collapse
Religious zealots wandered the streets with their cardboard signs and their soapboxes
And the talk shows were flooded with various ways to say “I told you so”
But amidst the pointed fingers, nobody truly saw it coming.
The end of the human race
The end of civilization as we know it

It got me thinking
What’s next?
Not for us; we deserve whatever’s coming to us
But, for the earth?
Who would take our mantle as the ones who ruled the planet?
who would fill our shoes and walk the paths we walked
Learn right from wrong
Learn communication
Set up their own empires
Their own cities
Their own world
The thought baffles me at times, that we could truly end
But, there will always come a day when you see the ones you loved for the last time
and just like the leaves on the trees change
our world will die
We can fight it
We can ignore it
But the fact remains
Our time will end
Will it be today
Will it be tomorrow
Who knows
only time will tell

Every day it seems the sky is getting darker
And every night the stars seem dimmer than before
What a world, I said, where trademarks run the people
In the end, none of it matters anymore

What happened to the morals and ideals
Which we paraded on our banners and our screeds
What were we fighting for in distant lands on distant shore
What are we doing while the humans wait and bleed
such a pretty site, to watch the burning skyline
Beauty found in tragedy; it kept me sane in all these years
‘Cause nobody did anything, against the sea of tears

Piss off a country, then you’re dealing with a slaughter
You try to quell it but the fire’s getting hotter
You make the motions till your citizens despise you
They pick another, and the cycle starts anew!
The bombs are falling, and the fallout’s spreading wider
The people dying, what to do but let it fester
You send a volley, in the hopes to stop the fighting
You’re killing them to try and stop them killing you!

It makes no sense, this violence
I never understood it true
No compromise, it’s suicide
it’s clear we’re through

The day the sun went out was the day it all ended
We had poisoned our planet, and blocked out the very thing which kept us alive
Crops died, people withered, and eventually populations collapsed in on themselves;
The ones who are left are still fighting, no longer for game but for survival
Still, it’s only a matter of time.
Our days are numbered,
Our time is up

I give the next race our blessing
I speak for all of us left, the ones who had seen the final days, who are living it,
Godspeed. You deserve it. I pray that you won’t make the same mistakes we did
We killed ourselves off with greed, desire, pride, vanity, and destroyed the empires we had fought for so long to create
In the end, the human condition was our downfall,
And I hope against hope that you won’t befall to your own
Take good care of this earth
It did us well
And if you take care of it
It’ll take care of you
I only wish we had seen that sooner

In the end, we have fallen, we are done
In the end of days, nobody has won
In the end, we are all that’s left to run
In the end, we will die, we will cry, we are done!

We Are The End! (we are over, we are through!)
We Are The End! (There’s nothing we can do!)
We Are The End!

What's next to come?
Only time can tell
End transmission...

Origins (Luna's Uprising) Jackle App !2Uqe0sHWIk 7/23/2011 8:01:24pm No.12 - Score: 8
Read along!:
When the universe was young and empty there lived two beings of pure energy.
The power they held within their very souls could rend worlds apart just as easily as they
could create worlds from nothing. They were the elder sisters.
With a mere thought their power could supersede the very laws of physics put in place by
nature, and be manipulated to meet their whims.
They truly were the lords of their realm.
And within one fateful momentit was decided collectively between them that a world shall
be created.
A world inhabited by creatures in their image
A world that they would rule thoughtfully and fairly
A world known universally as a world of peace and beauty
A world that would be free from evil and hatred
A world that was perfect
A world called Equestria.
And perfect it was. Beautiful spectacles one could only dream of were created from black
murky nothingness with careless ease and focused sorcery. The sisters worked tirelessly for
days, months, years, eons to make this world a paragon of perfection. A flawless
representation of their own imaginations. They created the sun, a source of warmth, light,
and energy during the day; to be controlled by the eldest sister. They created the moon, an
eerie and haunting beauty that adorned the night sky; to be controlled by the youngest
They gave their subjects everything they could possibly need or want. Yes, it truly was
But was it really?
Was there no flaw in their plan?
Nothing could flow this smoothly, no matter how powerful you are.
When free will exists, problems will follow
And this story is not without its problems.
When one became jealous, a thread was pulled from the fabric of reality. The flow of time
and the everpresent omnipotence of space began to falter. Something had changed. And that
change was within none other, then the youngest sister. A feeling of hatred brewed within
the younger, a feeling of jealousy, neglect, and pure rage.
The feelings festered and grew stronger within the body of the younger, she focused them
towards her eldest sister. It wasn't fair! Why was she ignored by the puny creatures she had
This wasn't perfect
It wasn't perfect...
It will never be perfect...
For Luna.
No one should be this ungrateful
No one deserves this kind of treatment, this ignorance
It's not fair
It will never be fair for her
Is she not royalty?
Is she not good enough?
Her sister gets all of the glory as she works tirelessly through the night
Providing cool air for your thankless and useless bodies
Providing daytime for the nocturnal and rest for the masses
Is she a fake to you?
A double?
A lesser being?
She is still a princess.
And she will take what is rightfully hers.

Read this during the tempo increased part. I wish I could animate, if I could I'd depict the
massive fight between Luna and Celestia.

[The fight begins,
two sisters torn apart by hate
one willing, one reluctant.
To put the youngest in her place,
to save their perfect world's fate,
to restore peace,
to do what is right.
It is hard to imagine fighting your own sister
sealing her within her own creation
for a millennium
it isn't fair
for either of them
but to truly teach this lesson of love and tolerance
acceptance and serenity
one must do what is necessary
to win the fight
even if it means hurting someone you love.]

Twilight Regrets Witnessing the Beginings of Equestria sci 7/23/2011 10:43:41pm No.14 - Score: 7
Twilight thought it would be interesting to go back in time and personally witness the creation of Equestria.

However, what she found was a bit more than she could handle alone...or at all.

Poor twilight. :(

2 + 2 = 22 Sadsic 7/23/2011 12:05:15am No.7 - Score: 6

Cosmic Derpy and Equestria's Birth Soupy Derper 7/22/2011 10:21:59pm No.6 - Score: 5
A little sloppy, but it's done.

The loose and weird narritive:
There is a realm above our own, one that transcends all known planes of existence.
This realm is the Derpy Realm > Cosmic Derpy chills there > She was watching Cosmic Seinfeld and was eating some cosmic muffins > She dropped one > it feel into the Regular Realm > That cosmic muffin grew into Equestria > Ponies started growing on the muffin too > Everybody’s happy > The End

Stitch by Stitch DerpyGrooves 7/23/2011 4:21:12pm No.9 - Score: 4
Folky acoustic tune sort of based off a story I wrote about Luna and Celestia's childhood:

Otherwise there's not much too it, enjoy!


Anything is better than this rain,
But I must confess, I must confess….
It’s about time for a little change...
That’s the art of the dress

Stitch by stitch….
Sewing together a universe…
Making sure the fabric of spacetime…
Folds nicely,

I’ll put the stars in the sky,
Get the constellation’s just right,
A big old sun to burn at day,
And a moon to watch us sleep at night

Not in a million years zorg 7/23/2011 7:45:17pm No.11 - Score: 4
Will the human race ever be so intelligent to create other intelligent, if not, sentient species? And if so, will they grant them freedom, or will they use them for their own agendas, be it "good" or "bad" ones.

Based on this fanfic:

I've Been Sitting Here For the Past 10 Minutes Trying to Think of a Title with No Luck Interrobang Pie 7/23/2011 9:49:09pm No.13 - Score: 4
A chiptune but with epic bad voice acting vocals (I pitch shifted my voice to get Celestia. Luna is vanilla, though).

I did this in 2 seconds.

(and now it should be really wide too lol)

Equestrian Revolution General Mumble 7/23/2011 8:33:05am No.8 - Score: 3
So I've had a busy week, and didn't get this finished, but I wanted to post it in its current state anyway.

The idea is that Equestria was created with blood, sweat and tears in the industrial revolution. So I tried sampling some Rammstein.

It's far from done, it needs some samples of ponies saying stuff about building things and whatnot, and needs a real ending.

Since I have a busy day ahead of me I can't get any more done, but I will do in the future, because I like where it's going.

Enjoy what you can of it.

Equestrian Beginning Jeffthestrider 7/23/2011 10:58:03pm No.15 - Score: 3
Going for the epic creation feel here. Not complete currently, so not so great. Maybe check it out a day or two from now before voting!?!?!

The Creation of Equestria Dr_Dissonance 7/20/2011 12:22:21pm No.5 - Score: 2
What an original title...
Also, I'm third again! I'm becoming predictable... D=
Anyway, I decided to go with the world being created in a kind of violent way, mountains crashing into each other, the earth cracking at your feet, the ground rippling as it takes the form of Equestria. Then, once the mass amounts of shape shifting has done, the first ponies emerge and...well, that's a different story!

Also, I have new vsts! I'm still learning how to use them effectively, but I think I did a pretty good job!

The Dreamer Artemus 7/18/2011 7:50:30pm No.3 - Score: 1
This piece is heavily based off of Bizet's Carmen, as Overkillius and I pretty much just got out of it.

Transposition from the beginning to the near end was done manually, so I apologize for mistakes.

Also, the mood of the theme changes. I have a little bit of a story that runs alongside it. But listen, and see what you can come up with!

Heat, Dust, and Gravity Chain Algorithm 7/23/2011 7:43:59pm No.10 - Score: 0
"How was Equestria made?"
"You silly filly, heat, dust, and gravity. Celestia is only a demigod, astrophysics came first."

I'm not gonna lie, this was an old concept I made a while ago. Touched it up last minute for this compo.

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