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This WHATEVERCOMPO: compose a theme for your inner pony personality
"What is my inner pony personality," you say?
check this:

you have TWO HOURS to write a tune.

drop by irc when you're done for a sync-listen
Start: 9/1/2011 4:00pm|Deadline: 9/1/2011 6:10pm|Voting ends: 9/2/2011 5:00pm

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Chickenstyle KeepOnRockin' 9/1/2011 5:34:35pm No.2 - Score: 12
Oldschool hardstyle is oldschool. couldnt test the bass because its pretty late over here so its probably waaaay too loud. enjoy!

Twilight is my Spirit Animal Jackle App !2Uqe0sHWIk 9/1/2011 6:08:20pm No.10 - Score: 11
Y'all mo'fuckas is crazy


Check a constellation, in the pony nation
that purple pupil unicorn save me from devastation!
You think you study more? Take on a manticore
and an ursa minor too, yo you should read some more
With a dragon for a friend and pretty ponies too
she'll magic you to death and tolerate you, fool.
Though she's partial to the princess she'll cuddle in her bed
But if she sees you staring at her flank she'll curse you till you're dead!

Twilight: Guys, there's no such thing as curses!


Twilight, you're the only pony for me
Though you may not think so, It's crystal clear to see

the night sparkles zorg 9/1/2011 6:14:25pm No.14 - Score: 9
Twilight shows you to equestria, and you watch the dusk and dawn togeather, spending a night with her.

Don't Grow Up Too Soon Glaze 9/1/2011 5:31:30pm No.1 - Score: 6
AppleBloom? I can't even work with that.

Pink 'n' Pie General Mumble 9/1/2011 6:07:46pm No.9 - Score: 5
Apparently I'm Pinkie Pie. I don't see it.

Trixie Overkillius 9/1/2011 6:09:09pm No.11 - Score: 5

Twilight can FIGHT sci 9/1/2011 6:10:51pm No.13 - Score: 5
>encounter monster
>research monster
>kick ass

also, man 2 hours is a lot of time. I actually made a serious tune. :O
also, playing with plugins wheeee

SPIKE MAN Interrobang Pie 9/1/2011 6:00:32pm No.6 - Score: 4
Oi, Toaster, you think you've got a bad theme?



(loops once because mega man-esque i guess NO I'M JUST KIDDING IT'S NOTHING LIKE MEGA MAN)

"> "> Party In The Stars Omnipony 9/1/2011 5:58:55pm No.5 - Score: 3

Yeah I got Pinkie Pie.


Uhh Fluttershy? Mac_Attack 9/1/2011 6:04:24pm No.7 - Score: 2
Writers Block can be a killer.... well whatever

ALL CHICKENS GO! KeepOnRockin' 9/1/2011 6:07:23pm No.8 - Score: 2
made in the last 10 min
Original melody is from Bass X - All systems go
pro synth programming in 3xOsc!

WHAT Interrobang Pie 9/1/2011 6:09:15pm No.12 - Score: 1


Voodoo Cult [voodoopony] 9/1/2011 5:56:10pm No.4 - Score: 0
Immolation and black magic take place in the Everfree at night.

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