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(guest mod: kawaiizebra!!AyZ2IuZzSu.)

Start: 11/12/2016 1:29pm|Deadline: 1/4/2017 9:00pm|Voting ends: 1/23/2017 6:00pm

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Jazz Technickel Ted 11/21/2016 9:21:09pm No.3 - Score: 1
Jazz Sampling is a Lost Art

beat16 Technickel Ted 12/26/2016 3:22:42am No.9 - Score: 1
Rhyme has something for it maybe

Castle of Hope Technickel Pony 1/3/2017 7:22:46pm No.14 - Score: 1

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SORRY I WAS BUSY LOL kawaiizebra your most gracious host 1/4/2017 6:51:46am
No.15 - Score: 1

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Anonpony 11/16/2016 1:22:22pm
No.2 - Score: 0

is krimbosong yung pipi flexks 12/21/2016 11:36:13am No.5 - Score: 0

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THC10 shit Direct Current 12/21/2016 8:13:43pm
No.8 - Score: 0
flash back to thc07 sync listen

and just like good ol' fashioned me, I had to upload 3 fucking times because i fucked up each time with trying to embed an image and jsut said fuck it

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fleksin pt 2 yung pipi flexks 12/30/2016 5:36:03pm
No.11 - Score: 0
fuk u

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untitled Technickel Pony 1/1/2017 3:15:43am
No.12 - Score: 0

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AWD Technickel Pony 1/2/2017 9:07:19am
No.13 - Score: 0
sample AWD's latest effort.
I hear if you say his name 3 times into a mirror in a darken room, he appears and tells you he'll sue you for defamation

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