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not like the bird! Or maybe, whatever it is you fancy to make and submit and have us listen to! I don't know how you would do that though...

Imagine you are on Earth. All of a sudden the world's gravity goes bledabladablu and disappears then you start floating/flying off of the surface of the planet! Wouldn't that be scary, or weird, or cool? That is for you to decide!

This weak theme is: Upside-Down World/Flipped/Gravity is Acting Weird Today

P.S. TWO entries, in flavor of Technickel and mcmiagun


  • allotted time: One week
  • what to submit: TWO (original, remix, or whatever) tunes, in response to the theme.
  • Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
  • Get your entry in by Saturday 3/21/2015 6:00pm EST (see the "Deadline" countdown for a better idea of when this is.)
  • PLEASE enable downloads on your entry. Even if you think your entry is bad, someone in the chat may think otherwise. (also it helps to prevent archive decay, since a TB mod can grab a copy and archive it. Also sci doesn't like long titles)
  • head to irc non-flash link is broken currently (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen once the deadline reaches zero!

(guest mod: A2Z!!pjLGNmMJAu.)

Start: 3/14/2015 6:41pm|Deadline: 3/21/2015 6:00pm|Voting ends: 3/28/2015 6:00pm

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Universal Steven Technickel Ted 3/21/2015 1:19:14am No.2 - Score: 1
don't hate me. I'm from tumblr

Vor Doofcake 3/21/2015 11:36:21am No.3 - Score: 1
I was going to make a Patema Inverted ending remix or something like that, but after 3 failed attempts I decided to bury that idea.
I made something else instead which wasn't even intended for Toast Beard at all but hey let's just say it's about doing handstands!

Fun fact: This track originally started out as a FESTKAKA track for the upcoming FESTKAKA album (look forward to it, it's going to be very doggy)!
Unfortunately after making the first 20 seconds of it, I realised it is too good to destroy.

Bidirectional Mix wubsy dubsy~ ! 3/21/2015 4:44:40pm No.5 - Score: 1
I am very tempted to send some demos to Swaffelcore Records :3 But I fear rejection (that will be the result more probably)

Enjoy! I used for inspiration "Upside Down" from Bassnectar and "Just Like" from The M Machine.

Fresh Prince Remix (demo) Technickel Ted 3/21/2015 1:10:18am No.1 - Score: 0
I'll finish it up later

Gravity [not done] A2Z 3/21/2015 3:20:51pm No.4[t] - Score: 0
clearly i did not finish the track ^^

havent though of a title yet... TheRip 3/21/2015 5:58:08pm No.6 - Score: 0

So, i came up with this riff last saturday, decided to go with it, and well...yeah...ended up kinda different than i imagined, but eh....

Also, as mentioned, this isnt finished yet. Mostly the organ stuff needs to be worked on, but its my first time doing this shit, and its a learning by doing...

Only In Eureka! (WIP) Midimistro 3/21/2015 6:00:59pm No.7[t] - Score: 0
An incomplete remix of "Eureka on My Mind", the theme song behind "Eureka", a Syfy hit series where a sheriff has to find clues before someone gets hurt in a small town of geniuses.

Better Call Saul (WIP) MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN 3/21/2015 6:16:54pm No.8 - Score: 0

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