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Daniel Ingram posted a new pony Track!



You have TWO DAYS to create a remix.
Get your entries in by 8/13/2011 10:00pm CST, then head to irc for a sync-listen! (along with ZIQ06)
Start: 8/11/2011 7:07pm|Deadline: 8/13/2011 10:10pm|Voting ends: 8/20/2011 9:00pm

Additional materials: poorly extracted a cappella
chords and lyrics courtesy of Versilaryan
midi courtesy of zorg
speed is ~138 BPM

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click here to view the entries in order of submission (for reading along with the sync-listen chatlog)

I finished this ONE HOUR after he released it.Circuitfry 8/11/2011 8:51:53pm No.1 - Score: 2
Don't take it seriously.

But tru story.

Hop Skip and Jump RemixKeepOnRockin' 8/12/2011 4:22:23pm No.2 - Score: 4
C'mon everypony, only me and circuit? remix dat track!

A HOP, SKIP, AND A JUMPVafrous Coyote 8/12/2011 9:12:03pm No.3 - Score: 3
Amped guitars through a vocal condenser mic? YES PLEASE!

HpOaPuSlKsItPrJeUtMcPhzorg 8/12/2011 10:29:23pm No.4 - Score: 1
no >:3

Take TwoCircuitfry 8/13/2011 12:08:58am No.6 - Score: 2
Wow I even have to submit it twice. Sorry about that.

It's not very far, just
A hop skip and a jumpstyle
Ponies better get in the air
And stomp it for the bass that piles
On the effects just gimme my mic
And I'll show how I sizzle like Spike
KeepOnRockin' never stoppin'
Working overtime the thumpin'
Kick that's sick and snare that dares
Stand on its own two feet and blare
Music when you Work it when you leap it
Turns to magic when you believe in it
blastin' in your head 'cause you
complimented its spread.

Hop Skip Jump LargoSenator Myth 8/13/2011 3:25:54am No.7 - Score: 1
...and then I put the BPM at 30.

Skop Jip and HumpDerpyGrooves 8/13/2011 1:32:15pm No.8 - Score: 2
Brostep BS. This is why we can't have nice things!!

Hip, Skip, and Trance(Half-Ass Mix)Mrpickle 8/13/2011 6:21:12pm No.10 - Score: 4
I threw notes at a keyboard and never looked back.

HSJ - Pinkamina MixDerpy Hooves 8/13/2011 8:59:37pm No.15 - Score: 4
Welp parents made me have to put this up early and miss the synch listen, but here's my almost final.

It needs cymbals but I'll have to add them later

And this is why they changed the song FoozogzPepperBrony 8/13/2011 9:11:48pm No.17 - Score: 6

Lyrics to first part:

It's not that f***ing far
just move your slow-ass rump up there
you can make it if you try after you grow some balls

Hop Skip And Jump (Aussie EXTREMELY LAST MINUTE Remix) Aussie 8/13/2011 9:21:24pm No.18 - Score: 2
Had no time to fix this up anymore, so posting it as is. I'll most likely make a better version of this later.

Hop Skip and a JumpJackle App!2Uqe0sHWIk 8/13/2011 9:44:29pm No.19 - Score: 7
I can't tell you how hard I worked on this...
It was brutal making this piece come together.

tripping on the hopskipsci 8/13/2011 9:52:07pm No.20 - Score: 5
>disregard everything about the original
>apply autotune

at no point did I have any idea where I was going with this.

Hop Skip Jump Skip Hop SkipArtAttack 8/13/2011 10:09:06pm No.21 - Score: 2
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