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Leap Of Faith

Take any element (song, quote, idea, character, event, ANYTHING) from MLP:FiM Season 4 Episode 20 and write a song about it.


  • allotted time: One week
  • what to submit: ONE (original, remix, or whatever) tunes, in response to the theme.
  • Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
  • Get your entry in by Saturday 4/5/2014 6:00pm EST (see the "Deadline" countdown for a better idea of when this is.)
  • PLEASE enable downloads on your entry. Even if you think your entry is bad, someone in the chat may think otherwise. (also it helps to prevent archive decay, since a TB mod can grab a copy and archive it.)
  • head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen once the deadline reaches zero!

Start: 3/29/2014 6:26pm|Deadline: 4/5/2014 6:00pm|Voting ends: 4/12/2014 5:00pm

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420% Cooler xX420sP1k3yW1k3y0loSw4gXx 3/31/2014 11:35:51pm No.2 - Score: 0
get it because it's episode response 4/20 you get it

404 not found Optix_Tunes 4/4/2014 5:40:02pm No.4 - Score: 0
today is a special day for me so I believe I have the right to do what I just did. deal with it *drop mic, and walk down form screen*

Flim and Flam and Banjo and Kazooie Kingsley Evergreen 4/5/2014 1:02:13pm No.5 - Score: 0
Hailfire peeks if yall were wondering.

At least I made something this time.

Tetty pt 2 muserock7997 4/5/2014 5:47:39pm No.6 - Score: 0

Grandma smith goes clubbing and gilda doesnt really appericiate it. A confused man 4/5/2014 5:50:27pm No.7 - Score: 0

Yes, ok then DR.Lyronium 4/5/2014 5:56:05pm No.8 - Score: 0
Was not even gonna submit anything, but the lack of entries just looked sad, so here's unfinished mediocre drum and bass woo_hoo.exe

POMF FESTKAKA 4/5/2014 6:04:48pm No.9 - Score: 0

fuck Bratekko 4/5/2014 6:06:41pm No.10 - Score: 0

like four hours of work or smth

Dumd Technickel Pony 4/5/2014 6:19:40pm No.11 - Score: 0

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