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Take any element (song, quote, idea, character, event, ANYTHING) from MLP:FiM Season 4 Episode 13 and write a song about it.

not sure what to write about? here's a few suggestions:
-Fancypants Applejack
-Redneck Rarity
-trying out something different and realizing you can't stop "being normal"
-what sort of adventures has Trenderhoof been on, anyway?


  • allotted time: One week
  • what to submit: ONE (original, remix, or whatever) tunes, in response to the theme.
  • Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
  • Get your entry in by Saturday 2/15/2014 6:00pm EST (see the "Deadline" countdown for a better idea of when this is.)
  • PLEASE enable downloads on your entry. Even if you think your entry is bad, someone in the chat may think otherwise. (also it helps to prevent archive decay, since a TB mod can grab a copy and archive it.)
  • head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen once the deadline reaches zero!

Start: 2/8/2014 6:28pm|Deadline: 2/15/2014 6:00pm|Voting ends: 2/22/2014 5:00pm

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Trend Setter HACKD 2/15/2014 5:42:20pm No.6 - Score: 2
gotta get that applesauce ;D

⛈☹PI✾TER W⛫S MY FIRST ✋HA♑DHELD✊ GAME C❦NS⛣LE☹⛈ Somasis 2/10/2014 9:36:37pm No.2 - Score: 1
who care

Swapping Roles dapifubuzu 2/14/2014 11:36:17am No.3 - Score: 0
Have this lazily done and unfinished song.

I'll Do My Best (Remix) Captain Ironhelm 2/15/2014 5:07:51am No.4 - Score: 0
original by Archie

it's apples and oranges Optix_Tunes 2/15/2014 3:05:01pm No.5 - Score: 0
He took m'a lady!

Obsession [WIP] wubsy dubsy 2/15/2014 6:01:32pm No.7 - Score: 0
Hi there! \o/ annoying twang is on holyday at Bahamas. Because of that, he asked me to make a track for him :3 I hope you guys enjoy!


CLOP NOW, CRY LATER mycutiemarkisagun 2/15/2014 6:16:19pm
No.8 - Score: 0

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