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Take any element (song, quote, idea, character, event, ANYTHING) from Episode 11 of Season 3 and write a song about it.

If for you can't think of anything from the episode to write about, here's a few possibilities:
imagine Rarity's VERY SPECIFIC SPECIFICATIONS as applied to music. (decimal points? yeah.)
summarizing the bond between each pet and their owner...musically. (because music = emotions = bonds. or something idk)


  • allotted time: ONE WEEK
  • what to submit: ONE (original, remix, or whatever) tune, in response to the theme.
  • Songs cannot be longer than 8 minutes. (Anything longer will be skipped and/or deleted.)
  • Get your entry in by Saturday 2/2/2013 6:00pm EST (see the "Deadline" countdown for a better idea of when this is.)
  • PLEASE enable downloads on your entry. Even if you think your entry is bad, someone else will think otherwise. (also it helps to prevent archive decay, since a TB mod can grab a copy and archive it.)
  • head to irc (or the flash link if you like pony emoticons) for a sync-listen once the deadline reaches zero!

Start: 1/26/2013 9:40pm|Deadline: 2/2/2013 6:00pm|Voting ends: 2/9/2013 8:00pm

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Bakingbakingbakingbakingbakingbakingbakingbakingbakingbakingbaking Brick Stonewood 1/30/2013 10:39:10am No.6 - Score: 4
Yaaay, this.

Becoming Popular (RMX) KillianDunne 2/2/2013 1:25:27pm No.20 - Score: 4
Rarity is best pony

Smile (Bubble Gum Mix) MilesTiden 2/2/2013 2:17:34pm No.21 - Score: 4
I made this little reggae tune to represent the relationship between Pinkie and Gummy, which I think is the most adorable thing ever. It's still a WIP, but I don't particularly have the energy, motivation, or inspiration to finish this right now. I know the mixing definitely needs some work, but I'll do that when I get back to finishing this, whenever that is,

So yeah, here's a track for best pony and best pet! Enjoy!

SPIKE.WAV mycutiemarkisagun 2/2/2013 6:21:07pm
No.32 - Score: 4

WHAT AM I DOING Somasis 1/30/2013 7:19:45pm No.7 - Score: 3
a.k.a. i couldn't make anything for the compo theme so i just made something when i should have been doing my homework


And Eat It, Too Mane Goodall 1/31/2013 2:26:12am No.8 - Score: 3

hitoyobashi Cherax Destructor 2/2/2013 1:45:42am No.19 - Score: 3
Theme? Theme?! I've spent the last two weeks recording, mixing and mastering my idiot friend's completely ridiculous conceptual rock album about Jersey Shore. I don't have *time* to write things to a theme!

Have some mcmiag-inspired instrumental hip-hop I made on a day off instead. Samples come primarily from Mushishi. Go watch it.

Meanwhile, I have to go warp nine minutes of out-of-time drumming and Melodyne nine minutes of out-of-tune guitar for the album closer.

Calling of the caves Kingsley Evergreen 2/2/2013 5:53:01pm No.28 - Score: 3
A fully orchestrated song that is themed after Spike somehow.

Dragomortis TehFourteenth 2/1/2013 3:00:16pm No.15 - Score: 2
I almost didn't upload this seeing as it's the old unfinished version...

Spike is pissed off about the Jewel Cake which was a shiny lie... So he laments over the loss of his unborn creation by writing rap lyrics about his life and he eventually gets inspired enough to start talking about how people need him...

In short, it's just Spike being Spike and doing something for a reason that he forgot...

Enjoy! :D

One Simple Gem SlyphStorm 2/1/2013 9:55:01pm No.18 - Score: 2
Spike tells the story of his attempts to win over the hearts of the pet owners in an electronic hip-hop conversation style song. I think.

NANANANA BATMAN STYLE Bartekko 2/2/2013 2:47:23pm
No.23 - Score: 2
i regret nothing

Spike tortures- OOPS I MEAN uses enhanced interrogation techniques on Massaya El-Shabazz Sparkle JihadDash 2/2/2013 3:56:43pm No.25 - Score: 2
After Massaya El-Shabazz Sparkle successfully plans The Equestrian Mujahideen's bombing of Ponyville Nightmare Night festivities - killing 191 infidel ponies including 77 little foals and fillies - the world is horrified and Ponies demand vengeance. Enraged, humiliated, and riddled w/ guilt, Princess Celestia overcompensates for ignoring numerous security memos and warnings of the attack by rushing the P.O.N.Y (Protecting Our Nascent Youth) Act through Congress. Hidden among the many PONY Act provisions that do away with search warrants and all but abolish the very concept of Habeas Corpus, there is a provision that authorizes the Equestrian Gov't to detain anypony indefinitely and torture them although they don't call it torture because its not torture because Equestria Doesn't Torture™ and we're the good guys and Princess Celestia is a nice pony, WHY DO YOU HATE EQUESTRIA?!?

The details of administering Equestria's growing network of secret kidnappings, secret assassinations and secret prisons is left to Princess Luna, since she's so good at working in the shadows. After years of fruitless searching, laughably ill-conceived wars, and totally necessary and effective torture - I MEAN ENHANCED INTERROGATION - Equestrian Intelligence makes a huge breakthrough when it identifies a courier. A courier that leads them to the doorstep of Massaya El-Shabazz Sparkle herself...the hated traitor to Equestria and terrorist mastermind responsible for the senseless mass murder of dozens of foals that one terrible night in Ponyville.

After a daring midnight raid by Wonderbolt Team Six on Sparkle's compound in Zebrakistan, the former Element of Magic is captured ALIVE and shipped off to a Black Site in an undisclosed location for interrogation.

Spike, now working for Equestrian Intelligence and still reeling from the reality of Twilight's betrayal, asks Luna for permission to be the first one to interrogate Massaya El-Shabazz Sparkle.

Angel's Dark Acid Jam Seventh Element 2/2/2013 6:05:44pm No.29 - Score: 2
Angel is a bastard. I made this in like...30 minutes. So blugh.

Dream Crusher (Aureolus Gladius Mix) Lcarens 1/29/2013 12:30:28pm No.5 - Score: 1
Just a remix I did for my friend's EP:

If you want to buy the whole EP, it's only a dollar. Or, if you are part of What.CD, you can torrent it.

(sci, you might like this)

Spike is a Sad Dragon Carbon Dust 1/31/2013 4:13:39pm No.11 - Score: 1
What is up with spike and all his singing in recent episodes?

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